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United Airlines Helps Totally Unoriginal Passenger Propose to His Girlfriend Inflight

United helped a passenger pull off an inflight marriage proposal between Washington Dulles and Sao Paulo. And she said yes. Patrick contacted United and asked for help pulling off his plan. Managing Director of Food and Beverage Planning and Design Todd Traynor-Corey coordinated with the local kitchen crew at Dulles International Airport, as well as with the purser and flight attendants who were scheduled to be on Patrick’s flight, to… Read Article →


United Airlines to Power Flights With Waste

Thanks to cheap oil, biofuels aren’t in favor right now, but some airlines are still interested. Despite rock bottom oil prices and lackluster demand for biofuels in the U.S., United Airlines announced on Fridaythat it plans to power thousands of commercial flights between Los Angeles and San Francisco with biofuel created from farm waste like animal fats and oils. While a handful of airlines have flown individual flights using a… Read Article →