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Drunk Pilot Booted From Flight Moments Before Takeoff

A pilot was pulled off a flight with 274 passengers moments before takeoff because he failed a breathalyzer test. A flight on Sri Lanka’s national airline going from Frankfurt, Germany, to Columbo, Sri Lanka, was delayed for 15 hours Friday. The crew noticed the pilot was “visibly” drunk and raised concerns, and the airline was forced to find another pilot, News 24 reported Sunday. “Upon receiving the results [of the test] SriLankan… Read Article →

That was a strange flight ... Picture: Sbamueller

Pilot grounded for ‘offering hostess as compensation’

AN INDONESIAN airline has grounded a pilot after he allegedly offered an air hostess to passengers as compensation for a delay on a flight to the resort island of Bali. Loud moaning sounds were also heard from the cockpit throughout the Lion Air flight, with one passenger left so shocked that he lodged a complaint about improper behaviour with the transport ministry. The passenger, Lambertus Maengkom, said that as the… Read Article →


What It Means To Be a Pilot Today

By Stephen Pope– Being a pilot today means endless opportunities. If you could pick any era in the admittedly brief history of powered flight in which to be a pilot, what year or decade would you choose? Would you desire to be a pioneer of flight, using your unfair knowledge of aerodynamics and aircraft systems to build and pilot early machines that could fly circles around Orville and Wilbur? Would… Read Article →