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The friendly skies? They’re not always so friendly. A recent survey shows the 21 types of passengers that travelers really can’t stand to fly with.

What Type of Passenger Do You Hate Flying With?

By LAUREN ENGLISBE– According to a survey published by travel booking website Just The Flight, airplane seatmates with foul body odor have been named the most annoying passengers with whom to share a flight. The site asked 5,000 people to chime in on the types of people they hated to fly with, then published the most common offenders. 59 percent of respondents cited smelly people as the worst folks to share… Read Article →


A few things you might not have known about flying (14 Photos)

BY TRAVIS– Over the weekend, I was talking with a buddy who’s a commercial pilot and he pointed out a few things that most people aren’t aware of… A commercial flight (under U.S. FAR 121) can’t depart without at least 45 minutes worth of fuel on top of the normal amount to get from A to B. When flying close to thunderstorms, the cockpit windshield will sometimes turn into an electricity… Read Article →