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Drunk hospital orderly pulled down trousers and urinated in aisle during flight

Shamin Ahmed had to be restrained after baring his backside to all the other passengers A drunken hospital orderly on a flight from India to Birmingham shocked passengers when he pulled down his trousers and urinated in the aisle. Jinu Abraham, who was aggressive to cabin crew, had to be retrained until the plane had landed. Abraham, 39, of Hollow Croft, Northfield, admitted being drunk on an aircraft and was… Read Article →


I’m left in limbo after my flight to Sharm el-Sheikh was grounded

Anna Tims – In September I booked a three-leg trip with Opodo to Sharm el-Sheikh via Instanbul, then onward to Lagos before returning to London.My trip was scheduled for November. Then the British government placed travel restrictions on all flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. However, Turkish Airlines, which was flying the Istanbul to Sharm el-Sheikh leg, refuses to amend or refund my booking as the Turkish government has not imposed flight restrictions. Opodo… Read Article →

A woman has been charged after allegedly yelling and swearing at cabin crew on a flight from Sydney to Hervey Bay.

Woman charged after allegedly abusing crew on flight

By Lea Emery– VIRGIN Australia have released a statement in the wake of an in-air incident on a flight from Sydney to Hervey Bay on Thursday. Police were called to Hervey Bay airport about 11.25am after a woman allegedly yelled abuse at Virgin crew during the flight. A Virgin spokeswoman said the matter was not in the hands of police and said for privacy reasons the company did not comment publicly on… Read Article →

Man Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight for His Weight

SANTA ANA, CA (WTXF)-American Airlines is apologizing for what one man says he was put through on his flight from Dallas to Orange County. Chris Shelley says he was kicked off his flight because he was too big for his seat. After taking his seat, Shelley says he was told by a flight attendant the woman next to him complained that he was too big for the seat. He was then… Read Article →


Easyjet criticised after 94-year-old woman dies on flight

By Roshina Jowaheer– Elderly passenger was ‘spotted semi-conscious before boarding plane’ An Easyjet passenger claims that a “semi-conscious” 94-year-old woman who died on a flight from Spain to London may still be alive if she was stopped from flying. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Clare Tellam, from Sydenham, London, said: “Easyjet staff spoke to her before the flight but she wasn’t fully conscious and I thought, ‘No way is that lady… Read Article →


747 plane engine snaps off during Iran flight, no injuries

Tehran (AFP) – An engine of a Boeing 747 operated by Iran’s Mahan Air detached from the plane Thursday shortly after takeoff from Tehran, causing terror among passengers but no injuries, local media reported. The 747, with 300 passengers on board, was on a flight from the capital’s Mehrabad airport to Bandar Abbas in southern Iran when one of its engines crashed into a nearby field, forcing the jumbo to… Read Article →


Tiana Fough talks about how she was kicked off a flight for “doing nothing wrong”

BY KATU– PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) — Bill Byrne was sitting one row behind a woman who was kicked off American Airlines Flight 408. “I’ve seen people who deserve that, but never actually seen somebody thrown off a plane,” Byrne said. He recorded video on his cellphone of the incident on a plane bound for Portland International Airport. The woman can be heard crying, asking flight attendants what she did wrong…. Read Article →

A still image from cellphone video shot by Bill Byrne shows the back of the head of the woman who was kicked off of American Airlines Flight 408.

Passengers turn on cabin crew for kicking woman off flight

October 13, 2015: Passengers on a code-share American Airlines/US Airways flight have booed flight attendants after a crying woman was removed from the aeroplane after she allegedly failed to hear an instruction to sit down. Passengers on board a US plane have leapt to the defence of a woman by booing cabin crew after she was reportedly kicked off a flight for missing an instruction to sit down. The American… Read Article →

Despite tight security rules, passengers can still ask for a tour of the cockpit.

Eight things you should ask for on your next flight

By TALIA AVAKIAN – They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and this rings especially true on flights, which feature a variety of free items passengers can snag, as long as they know to ask. A Reddit thread recently asked flight attendants about secret perks passengers should be taking advantage of on flights. We consulted that thread and did some of our own research to create the following list. From… Read Article →

Not only can being nice while flying earn you points, being rude can cost you. (Reuters)

Why it never pays to be rude on a flight

By George Hobica– Rude and uncooperative passengers can make flying difficult for airline staff and fliers alike –that we know.  Even though you might not feel like it, there are costs for not being at least civil when traveling. And contrary to popular belief, you can reap benefits for being nice and going the extra mile for your fellow passengers –even scoring a coveted upgrade. Consider my experience on a recent… Read Article →