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The unmanned Boeing Echo Voyager can remain at sea for months, without any need for a surface support ship (Credit: Boeing).

Boeing unveils game-changing autonomous submarine

When you hear the name “Boeing,” chances are you think of aircraft. The fact is, however, the company has also been developing underwater vehicles since the 1960s. Its latest such creation, the Echo Voyager, is designed to operate autonomously for months at a time. The 51-foot (15.5-m)-long Voyager joins two other Boeing unmanned undersea vehicles, or UUVs: the 32-ft (9.8-m) Echo Seeker and the 18-ft (5.5-m) Echo Ranger. Like them,… Read Article →


Boeing Unveils “Starliner” That Will Take Astronauts To Space

by Jonathan O’Callaghan– NASA is adamant we are about to enter an era of commercial space travel akin to the dawn of private air travel a century ago. It was no doubt with glee, then, that Boeing unveiled the infrastructure that will support its newly-named manned spacecraft: the CST-100 Starliner. Previously known solely as the CST-100, the name fits in with Boeing’s “liner” series of vehicles, the Stratoliner and Dreamliner. The… Read Article →