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‘Urgent’ engine fix ordered for Boeing 787 Dreamliners

OFFICIALS have ordered Boeing to fix engines on some of its 787 Dreamliner aeroplanes to avoid sudden failure in icy conditions, calling the problem an “urgent safety issue”. The directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration concerns a potential problem in General Electric’s most advanced engines that affects 176 planes worldwide, following a January incident that caused an engine on a Boeing’s newest 787 passenger jet to fail mid-flight. Although… Read Article →

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners are at the centre of another safety problem. Picture: Kentaro Iemoto

Concerns raised over incorrect airspeed data readings on Boeing 787 Dreamliners

BOEING has run into more problems with its 787 Dreamliners, including fears a problem with airspeed data displays could send aircraft into a mid-flight dive. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has taken the rare step ofissuing a safety directive to pilots flying Dreamliners, warning them to avoid abrupt flight-control commands because of unreliable airspeed indicators. The instruction follows three reported incidents in which the displayed airspeed on Boeing… Read Article →