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Some Unbelievable Statistics About The GE Engine On The Boeing 777

While we always knew that the Boeing 777 was a mammoth achievement in aviation, a few incredible facts have been popping up today about its huge GE-90 engines that we wanted to share (Bangalore Aviation/The Atlantic via @bill_gross): All of the engines on the Titanic delivered around 46,000 horsepower combined. Just one of the GE units on the 777 puts out over 111,000 horsepower. For a modern comparison, that is… Read Article →


Boeing Confronts Challenges of 777 Automation Push

While Boeing continues to express confidence in its ability to smoothly manage the transition between the current generation 777 airliner and the new 777X, one of the keys to its success hangs on preparation for a new automation process. That has proved every bit the challenge some had anticipated. In fact, while speaking with a group of reporters just before the show in the 777 factory in Everett, Washington, BCA… Read Article →


Was Goldman Sachs Right About The Boeing 777 After All?

Summary Using the annual order trend, a significant gap remains. Annual trends are not the correct way to estimate order inflow. Order inflow tends to have a zig-zag pattern. The Boeing (NYSE:BA) 777 gap has been subject to some of my articles. In my previous article A Negative Trend For The Boeing 777, I concluded that order inflow has been trailing the multi-year average and order inflow in 2015 was… Read Article →