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What the green airplane of the future could look like

The green airplane of the future will tackle some of aviation’s biggest environmental challenges including fuel efficiency, noise and plane washing. New developments in technology will make it quieter, cleaner and cheaper, allowing it to fly more frequently and burn less fuel. And it is taking off in Brazil after the Rio 2016 Olympics. The Embraer E170 is the prototype unveiled by Boeing and its Brazilian manufacturers in the latest… Read Article →


You Won’t Believe What’s Inside This Grounded Airplane

Retired engineer Bruce Campbell bought a decommissioned Boeing 727 in 1999, and he’s been fixing it up and turning into a home ever since. The plane was part of an Olympic Airways fleet from Greece which he bought for $100 thousand. airplanehome.com The airplane home sits on Campbell’s 10-acre lot in Hillsboro, Oregon in a clearing among a group of trees. After buying it, he had to have it flown nearby and then towed through town to his property…. Read Article →

Here is the image in full allegedly taken from the plane

Airplane passenger ‘snaps UFO’ on ground near mysterious Area 51 military base

By JON AUSTIN– A passenger on an American Airlines flight said he snapped the large disc after seeing bright lights and orbs being given off by it. The unnamed witness has reported his sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a US not-for-profit organisation, that genuinely investigates suspected flying saucer and other alien sightings. He told the organisation: “I was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, California to Houston,… Read Article →