Southwest Airlines flight attendant falls asleep in the middle of announcement

A video posted online of what appears to be a flight attendant slurring his words and falling asleep in the middle of an announcement, is raising concerns about the airline’s safety.

The Southwest Airlines flight attendant appears to begin his announcement without turning on his microphone. He then seems to nod off for a few seconds.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by user Samir Nasr, with the caption: “This is my experience on a Southwest Airlines flight this morning. Let’s just put it this way, nobody in that plane felt safe. How did they even let him show up to work like that?”

Southwest Airlines flight attendant captured falling asleep in the middle of an inflight announcement.

SouthWest Airlines told the that the the employee may have been affected by “new medication”.

In a statement they said: “Due to a concern raised by a customer, we had supervisors meet flight 464 upon arrival into Dallas from Birmingham to assess a Flight Attendant onboard.

“Although the Captain onboard the flight and supervisors on the ground did not witness or detect any unusual behaviour, the employee acknowledged a potential reaction to new medication prescribed by his physician. We made the proactive decision to remove the employee from duty for the remainder of the day.”

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