Reports are BOTH new Delta Air Lines A350 jets have be damaged and are grounded!

How serious and how extensive the damage to either of the brand new jets, set to replace the aging 747’s, is still currently unknown. According to user Concordski this is possibly what happened to one of the jets:

… hearing from a Delta mechanic that a Delta A350 suffered wing delamination during a tire burst that sent rubber up to the wing during a landing at HSV. The mechanic described the event as similar to the Concorde except the phase was during landing instead of takeoff (also no causing debris and certainly no fire resulting). While tires do burst from time to time, the problem here is that the mechanic is saying that for the composite material that the repair going forward isn’t that clear for the wing which may cause issues for future events.” –

I have also seen chatter about this on a pilots chat board confirming some of the above information. Additionally I have reached out to Delta Corp for comment and will update this post once I know more. –by René

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