Pilot Under Investigation for Allowing Woman to Join Him in Cockpit Alone

A Chinese woman on Pakistan International Airlines flight PK853 from Tokyo to Beijing spent over two hours in the cockpit including time alone with just the pilot, staying there for landing.

I’ve made the case that PIA is the world’s worst airline. They’ve lost thousands of passengers. And they’ve flown with more passengers than seats. Passengers have turned up to find military cargo planes instead of passenger aircraft. So nothing surprises.

An airline spokesperson said “inviting a single passenger into the cockpit was not a security concern.” However it violates airline rules and an investigation was undertaken two years ago when the former wife of the airline’s chairman was allowed to sit in the cockpit during a Lahore – London flight.

The director of the country’s Civil Aviation Authority has ordered an investigation. It would be scandalous if they learn that like the Kuwait Airways pilot, the captain was letting her play with his controls.

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