Passenger mistakes emergency exit for the loo, deploys evacuation slide


CHONGQING, CHINA – One woman’s embarrassing faux-pas has led to an hours-long flight delay and a whole lot of aggravated passengers.

According to Aviation Figure, a 50-year-old woman onboard China Southern Airlines flight CZ3456 flying from Chongqing to Shenzhen accidentally deployed the evacuation slide after mistaking the emergency exit for the loo.

The woman, who had never flown on an airplane before, was apparently fed up with the queue for the bathroom and attempted to open the emergency exit in search of alternative facilities. The evacuation slide was deployed as a result, just as the aircraft had finished boarding and was making preparations for takeoff.

Everyone was then taken off the plane and made to wait for over two hours while the airline worked to fix the problem.

Disgruntled passengers took to Weibo (China’s equivalent to Facebook) to express their annoyance. One passenger wrote: “Southern Airlines 3/25 flight CZ3456 from Chongqing to Shenzhen, we’d just finished boarding. A passenger wanted to use the toilet but opened the cabin door, the emergency slide deployed, we still haven’t taken off and were removed from the plane.”

Following the incident, the woman’s boarding pass and passport were confiscated by cabin crew and she was taken away by police for investigation.


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