10 Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess

The profession of a flight attendant is challenging and demanding, but at the same time it’s glamorous one too. No doubt, flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent. In the current ruinous competition, airlines are giving particular thought to the selection and appearance of their flight attendants. From their height, figures and smile to their uniform, flight attendants are the most important aspect of the advertisement of… Read Article →

Meal trays spilled into the aisle of a Royal Air Maroc flight. (Photo: Crash Aerien)

Cabin Crew “Dispute” Leaves Plane Trashed

Now that’s what you call turbulence. Meal trays were scattered all over the floor of a Royal Air Maroc flight last Tuesday. How did they get there? Well, that’s up for debate. According to the airline forum Crash Aerien, the flight was traveling between Mohamed V International Airport in Morocco and headed to Portela International airport in Lisbon.  Shortly before landing, passengers heard a loud noise and equipment breaking. Initially,… Read Article →

circa 1955:  New York's East Side Airlines Terminal which operates on a 24 hour basis to provide transportation to every flight leaving from the city's various airports.  (Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

10 Things We No Longer See at Airports

by Kara Kovalchik– Air travel used to be a lot more expensive and exclusive before the industry was deregulated, and many airports therefore had a lot more amenities that were included in the cost of your pricey ticket. Of course, the events of 9/11 changed the design and operation of U.S. airports, as did technology and health concerns. See how many of these features, if any, you remember. 1. OBSERVATION… Read Article →


Flight attendants: Let’s stop shaming our hosties

IT HAPPENED twice just the other day. First came the photo of a flight attendant on the jump seat with a phone in her hand, accompanied by a complaint. An hour later, a photo of another attendant sitting where a passenger thought he shouldn’t. If your first reaction to reading these stories might be, “Good, serves ’em right!” then I’m appealing to you. Publicly posting photos of crew to complain… Read Article →

747-8I DLH #1500-RC035

World’s largest twin-engine jetliner closer to real

By Thom Patterson, CNN- (CNN)Big rumblings are going on at America’s airplane capital — the Boeing Co. aircraft factory north of Seattle. Engineers are moving forward with building the world’s biggest twin-engine jetliner. They’re calling it the 777-9X, the first aircraft of the 777X family. For air travelers and aviation enthusiasts, there’s a lot to be excited about. For one thing, there’s the wing: It’s big. It’s so big, in… Read Article →