An air stewardess covering with a blanket a sleeping woman.

This Flight Attendant Hack Will Keep You Warm on a Cold Plane

Airplanes are not the coziest places in the world. In fact, you’ve probably felt like a popsicle stuffed in the back of the freezer on a few too many flights. And there’s not always an extra blanket or a spare sweater available to keep the cold cabin air from chilling your bones, and warming up with a cup of airplane coffee or tea is questionable at best. However, there is a trick to… Read Article →


From which red lipstick stays on for 13 hours straight to why she applies NAPPY CREAM under her eyes: Flight attendant reveals the secrets to flawless skin at 30,000ft

A glamorous flight attendant has lifted the lid on just how she stays looking so fresh when travelling sky-high at 30,000ft. Dubai-based Mirelle Diniz flies regularly to North and South America and Australia as an air hostess for Emirates, and shared her beauty secrets with FEMAIL. The 25-year-old who has always been ‘passionate’ about travelling and describes herself as a ‘pro at long haul flights’ said moisturiser and dry shampoo… Read Article →


American Airline pilot Michael Carey Clemans guilty of sex with Filipino children

American airline pilot Michael Carey Clemans has been convicted of travelling to the Philippines to have [email protected] with children. A federal jury in Sacramento discovered Clemans guilty of journey with intent to interact in illicit [email protected] conduct and shopping for of children. On the primary day of his trial, Clemans, aged 57, pleaded guilty to 3 extra counts involving little one pornography. Since June 2014, Clemans had conspired with a Filipino girl to supply… Read Article →


How this ‘Rishi Kapoor’ conned aspiring pilots, air hostesses in Delhi, Mumbai

The next time you sell your belongings online, be sure to double check the text message you receive from the bank. It may turn out to be fake. A 24-year-old man, who allegedly cheated clients on online portals with such fake messages, has been arrested by the Delhi Police. The man, Rishi Kapoor, had also allegedly conned many Mumbai residents by posing as a pilot and promising to get different… Read Article →

Russian flight attendant wins discrimination case against Aeroflot

A Moscow court has ruled in favour of a flight attendant who claimed Russia’s flagship airline Aeroflot took her off long-haul international flights because of her physical appearance. The Moscow City Court on Wednesday overturned a ruling by a district court that had rejected Yevgeniya Magurina’s claim that she was sidelined as part of Aeroflot’s drive to make its cabin crews more attractive. Aeroflot has denied her claims. Read More: Pilot… Read Article →


Pilot shares ‘dangerous’ cockpit selfie flying over Dubai – but people can’t decide if it’s real

This pilot appears to have reached new heights with his latest selfie – taken leaning out of his cockpit window while flying over Dubai. Instagram user ‘ Pilotganso ‘ shared the incredible shot cruising high above the iconic Palm Islands with his 43,000 followers. He accompanied the breath-taking image with the caption: “Its already my second hometown #dubai Selfie.” And his snap had so far today received almost 15,000 Likes – but it hasn’t wowed… Read Article →

Choose your seat wisely and extend your beach vacation for free

Choose your seat wisely and extend your beach vacation for free

When flying through the Caribbean having a window seat is fun. Normally, the difference between an aisle seat or a window seat is pretty minimal. So long as you are not in the middle, it doesn’t matter at all. That changes when you are flying to St. Somewhere. This is no longer an inconsequential detail, comparable to “did I pack enough socks?”. Having the window seat is now an opportunity… Read Article →


JetBlue burned my butt with hot tea: lawsuit

A Manhattan woman is putting JetBlue on the legal hot seat after the airline torched her keister with hot tea, then treated her “like a child” when she begged for help, she claims in a lawsuit. Michelle Lavin, 25, suffered second-and third-degree burns on her butt during a “torturous” five hour, 40 minute flight to Las Vegas, but says what burned her more was the way the flight crew dismissed… Read Article →


Passenger plane NEAR MISS with UFO just 200ft away over Brit airport

An official report has revealed the scare and investigators have been unable to establish what the flying object was. The pilot was attempting to land the plane and was on final approach to the airport in Scotland. He described seeing an “orange light” just 200 feet away from the Airbus A320 – which can carry up to 186 passengers. UK Airprox Board, which assesses aircraft near misses, confirmed the object… Read Article →


Nine men are thrown off a Ryanair flight to Madrid after one shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ for a joke leading to the bomb squad being called in

Nine men have been thrown off an early-morning Ryanair flight to Madrid after one of them shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ ‘as a joke’. The flight, which had been due to leave Zaventem airport in Brussels at 7am this morning, was delayed for several hours with all the passengers being ordered to get off after the scare. Police have confirmed the incident to the local news channel VTM Nieuws which says the nine men… Read Article →