Reports are BOTH new Delta Air Lines A350 jets have be damaged and are grounded!

How serious and how extensive the damage to either of the brand new jets, set to replace the aging 747’s, is still currently unknown. According to user Concordski this is possibly what happened to one of the jets: “… hearing from a Delta mechanic that a Delta A350 suffered wing delamination during a tire burst that sent rubber up to the wing during a landing at HSV. The mechanic described the… Read Article →


How flight attendant’s cope with jet lag

THERE is nothing worse than losing the first couple of days of a holiday to jet lag. There is also nobody better than a flight attendant to give advice on how to overcome it, which is what one flight attendant has done on the online discussion form, Quora. According to Shreyas P, who claims he has worked for five major airlines where he has travelled to more than 50 countries, the… Read Article →


Nobody wants to be a pilot anymore — here’s how working for an airline lost its glamor

Nobody wants to be a pilot anymore. As the airlines tell it, a so-called pilot shortage has made it impossible to staff their fleets, forcing them to cancel flights and park hundreds of airworthy planes in the desert. One airline ventured to blame its 2016 bankruptcy on its inability to hire enough pilots, and even at always-profitable and carefree Southwest Airlines, the challenge of recruiting millennial aviators keeps middle management awake at night. “The… Read Article →


Two drunk strangers who forced plane to make an emergency landing before even leaving UK jailed

Two strangers whose drunken behaviour forced a packed passenger jet to make an emergency landing before even leaving the UK have been jailed. Derek Root, 30, downed 10 shots of Jack Daniel’s in the departure lounge of Glasgow Airport after his flight was delayed by three hours. When he finally the Alicante-bound jet, fellow passenger Alexander Gray, 38, handed him a bottle of Jagermeister which he also started drinking. The… Read Article →


Future flight attendant? Adorable moment a baby scoots herself down an airplane aisle greeting other passengers

 This baby has a future as a flight attendant. An adorable video shows a baby girl scooting down an airplane aisle on a flight from Chicago to San Antonio. Sitting up, she uses her legs to pull herself forward across the floor. As she scoots by fellow passengers she waves at them to say hello. She’s so tiny that some of them don’t even notice her.   The baby’s mother… Read Article →

An air stewardess covering with a blanket a sleeping woman.

This Flight Attendant Hack Will Keep You Warm on a Cold Plane

Airplanes are not the coziest places in the world. In fact, you’ve probably felt like a popsicle stuffed in the back of the freezer on a few too many flights. And there’s not always an extra blanket or a spare sweater available to keep the cold cabin air from chilling your bones, and warming up with a cup of airplane coffee or tea is questionable at best. However, there is a trick to… Read Article →


From which red lipstick stays on for 13 hours straight to why she applies NAPPY CREAM under her eyes: Flight attendant reveals the secrets to flawless skin at 30,000ft

A glamorous flight attendant has lifted the lid on just how she stays looking so fresh when travelling sky-high at 30,000ft. Dubai-based Mirelle Diniz flies regularly to North and South America and Australia as an air hostess for Emirates, and shared her beauty secrets with FEMAIL. The 25-year-old who has always been ‘passionate’ about travelling and describes herself as a ‘pro at long haul flights’ said moisturiser and dry shampoo… Read Article →


American Airline pilot Michael Carey Clemans guilty of sex with Filipino children

American airline pilot Michael Carey Clemans has been convicted of travelling to the Philippines to have s@x with children. A federal jury in Sacramento discovered Clemans guilty of journey with intent to interact in illicit s@xual conduct and shopping for of children. On the primary day of his trial, Clemans, aged 57, pleaded guilty to 3 extra counts involving little one pornography. Since June 2014, Clemans had conspired with a Filipino girl to supply… Read Article →


How this ‘Rishi Kapoor’ conned aspiring pilots, air hostesses in Delhi, Mumbai

The next time you sell your belongings online, be sure to double check the text message you receive from the bank. It may turn out to be fake. A 24-year-old man, who allegedly cheated clients on online portals with such fake messages, has been arrested by the Delhi Police. The man, Rishi Kapoor, had also allegedly conned many Mumbai residents by posing as a pilot and promising to get different… Read Article →

Russian flight attendant wins discrimination case against Aeroflot

A Moscow court has ruled in favour of a flight attendant who claimed Russia’s flagship airline Aeroflot took her off long-haul international flights because of her physical appearance. The Moscow City Court on Wednesday overturned a ruling by a district court that had rejected Yevgeniya Magurina’s claim that she was sidelined as part of Aeroflot’s drive to make its cabin crews more attractive. Aeroflot has denied her claims. Read More: Pilot… Read Article →