Blind woman, service dog kicked off Dallas-bound American Airlines flight

Sue Martin, who is blind, was booked on a connecting flight from Washington, D.C., to DFW International Airport on March 1, WLBZ-TV reported. But when Martin asked a flight attendant to move her to another row so that the dog could lie down, the attendant reportedly refused, and told her to leave the flight and talk to a ticketing agent. A passenger claims a fumbling flight attendant who drenched him… Read Article →


First female airline pilot took special ‘strength tests’ to get hired

Bonnie Tiburzi took her first flying lesson in 1960 at age 12. By the time she was 17, she could fly circles around most of the adult, male students at her aviator father’s flight school in Danbury, Conn. But when she told her friends, family members and teachers that she wanted to be a commercial pilot, they said airlines didn’t hire girls. “Daddy thought it was cute and adorable …… Read Article →


Indian doctor saves flight attendant’s life 35,000 feet above the ground

A flight attendant fell unconscious midway on an Auckland-Kuala Lumpur flight, but an Indian doctor saved her life, acting as a guardian angel. In a world where some hesitate offering a helping hand, there are some rare people who do believe in helping strangers even without any personal motives. And that’s what Dr Anchita Pandoh did when she was flying from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines MH130, with… Read Article →


Eight ways airlines are making flying better in 2017

Emirates’ A380 on board lounge is getting a makeover to include booths for passengers and sound-proof curtains. Picture: David Copeman FROM new, longer planes to a “super” style of business class, check out the big changes coming to your next flight. SLEEP V EAT Qantas is working with academics to determine the best time for meal services on longer flights, for the purpose of enhancing sleep quality. Currently the food… Read Article →


The ‘dirty little secrets’ consumers should know about these industries

There are things customer service representatives will never tell you. That’s where former employees come in. Former and current workers revealed some of the biggest secrets of their industries on a recent Reddit thread that has, over the last four days, garnered nearly 25,000 comments. When it comes to making customers happy, some industries — cable TV, internet service providers or health insurers, anyone? — can never seem to catch… Read Article →


Bad behaviour hits new low on commercial flights

SOME do yoga in the galley. Others kick seats, or bring pungent snacks. Being crammed into a dehydrated metal tube for hours with hundreds of strangers is certain to make tempers flare, especially when you add gnarly feet, annoying hair, or passengers who remove clothing or shove their hands down their pants. Here’s a collection of the worst passengers this year, from Passenger Shaming: 1. This guy cracks us up…. Read Article →


Pilot Reacts In Heroic Fashion after Flight Attendant Forced To Give The Worst News

An airline pilot went above and beyond after learning that the remains of a fallen soldier, as well as the soldier’s family, were on his flight. Captain Richard Rodriguez was getting ready for a flight when a flight attendant came to him to let him know that, “We have an H.R. on this flight.” H.R. stands for human remains. The captain asked if the body was military and if there… Read Article →

10 things about hotels we love and hate

WELL-POSITIONED HOTEL POWERPOINTS “Why can’t outlets be at eye level,” Seinfeld creator Larry David said in the movie, Clear History. “What, are they like genitals … we have to hide them; why are we hiding outlets?”  Many a late night has been spent on hand and knee moving bedheads, desks and pulling on lampwires to locate the elusive hotel powerpoint. So it’s a relief when a new or renovated hotel… Read Article →


Emirates is now the best airline in the world

Emirates has been named the best airline in the world for 2016 by the leading consumer-aviation website Skytrax. The Dubai-based airline was presented with the award on Tuesday at a ceremony during the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. This is the fourth time Emirates has garnered this honor in the past 15 years and is its first win since 2013. Emirates’ victory unseats last year’s top airline, Qatar Airways. “We are honored to… Read Article →


This is why aeroplane windows are rounded

While not everyone will have pondered the subject while staring out of the window during a flight, the question as to why aeroplanes have circular windows rather than square ones is interesting. Over the years, aerospace engineering has made huge leaps in aeroplane technology, meaning planes can carry more passengers and go faster. The planes have also changed shape to increase safety – including the windows. In the 1950s, when jetliners were starting… Read Article →