Indian doctor saves flight attendant’s life 35,000 feet above the ground

A flight attendant fell unconscious midway on an Auckland-Kuala Lumpur flight, but an Indian doctor saved her life, acting as a guardian angel.


In a world where some hesitate offering a helping hand, there are some rare people who do believe in helping strangers even without any personal motives.

And that’s what Dr Anchita Pandoh did when she was flying from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines MH130, with her husband.

Restoring faith in humanity, she helped a flight attendant, who had fallen unconscious midway, on the flight.

The couple noticed that the other flight attendants were rushing to the front compartment with oxygen cylinders. As soon as the flight captain announced a medical emergency requesting for a doctor on flight, Dr Anchita, without flinching for a second, rushed to take control of the situation.

She stabilised the flight attendant using the medical equipment available on the flight.

Proud of what his wife did, Anchita’s husband Saurabh shared this heartwarming experience from his Facebook profile.

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