I like my coffee like I like my women’: Flight attendants reveal the funniest and most cringe-worthy pick-up lines passengers have used on them

When it comes to those who work in the sky, one of the major ones is being constantly subjected to annoying or entitled passengers – some of whom even go so far as to inappropriately chat up the hard-working cabin crew.

Flight crew have revealed some of the hilarious and cringe-inducing chat-up lines that have been used on them.

It’s not all smooth sailing in the sky: Flight attendants have long been subject to many horrible chat-up lines

There’s the standard one-liners that often get used – think a play on the word ‘layover’ – and many hope that bragging about their accommodations at their destination will win over the crew member in question.

But some are far more creative, as anonymous flight attendants have revealed to Thrillist.

The flight attendant said: ‘[I] had a first-class passenger ask to take me to dinner while he was in Atlanta for rehab… at that point I cut him off.’

Meanwhile, some others prefer a far more aggressive approach.

One member of crew recalled chatting with such a man while pouring his coffee.

When the air hostess – who was 5’10 – asked him if he’d like cream or sugar in his drink, the man replied: ‘No, thank you. I like my coffee like I like my women… tall and black.’

Male flight attendants also receive plenty of unwanted attention; one was asked if he was 'into' older ladies
Male flight attendants also receive plenty of unwanted attention; one was asked if he was ‘into’ older ladies

And male flight attendants don’t escape unscathed either.

One recounted an incident with a particularly chatty woman who had approached him in the back galley while most of the crew was resting.

After telling him how handsome he was, she asked if he was ‘into older women’.

He told her that he was, in fact, not interested in women at all, to which she replied that she was on her way to Ireland to cheat on her husband with a man she had met online.

But it’s this man who takes top honours as the most eager to please.

One flight attendant revealed: ‘I had a gentleman old enough to be my father ask me out. As it happened, my mother was also on the flight, so, in a joking way, I told him that he needed to get her permission.

‘To my surprise, he was serious and went to talk to her. She told him that it was up to me although later wrote him a note saying, “You’re too senior”.’

It is worth mentioning that on rare occasions these pick-up lines do result in romantic endings.

One older flight attendant recalled her days of flying Lufthansa in the 1970s – in particular, one flight when a handsome man sat across from her and was unable to stop staring at her legs.

She got him some cheese and Champagne and the two got to talking. A year later they were married.

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