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Nobody wants to be a pilot anymore — here’s how working for an airline lost its glamor

Nobody wants to be a pilot anymore. As the airlines tell it, a so-called pilot shortage has made it impossible to staff their fleets, forcing them to cancel flights and park hundreds of airworthy planes in the desert. One airline ventured to blame its 2016 bankruptcy on its inability to hire enough pilots, and even at always-profitable and carefree Southwest Airlines, the challenge of recruiting millennial aviators keeps middle management awake at night. “The… Read Article →


How this ‘Rishi Kapoor’ conned aspiring pilots, air hostesses in Delhi, Mumbai

The next time you sell your belongings online, be sure to double check the text message you receive from the bank. It may turn out to be fake. A 24-year-old man, who allegedly cheated clients on online portals with such fake messages, has been arrested by the Delhi Police. The man, Rishi Kapoor, had also allegedly conned many Mumbai residents by posing as a pilot and promising to get different… Read Article →


Pilot shares ‘dangerous’ cockpit selfie flying over Dubai – but people can’t decide if it’s real

This pilot appears to have reached new heights with his latest selfie – taken leaning out of his cockpit window while flying over Dubai. Instagram user ‘ Pilotganso ‘ shared the incredible shot cruising high above the iconic Palm Islands with his 43,000 followers. He accompanied the breath-taking image with the caption: “Its already my second hometown #dubai Selfie.” And his snap had so far today received almost 15,000 Likes – but it hasn’t wowed… Read Article →

Pilot Under Investigation for Allowing Woman to Join Him in Cockpit Alone

A Chinese woman on Pakistan International Airlines flight PK853 from Tokyo to Beijing spent over two hours in the cockpit including time alone with just the pilot, staying there for landing. I’ve made the case that PIA is the world’s worst airline. They’ve lost thousands of passengers. And they’ve flown with more passengers than seats. Passengers have turned up to find military cargo planes instead of passenger aircraft. So nothing… Read Article →


First female airline pilot took special ‘strength tests’ to get hired

Bonnie Tiburzi took her first flying lesson in 1960 at age 12. By the time she was 17, she could fly circles around most of the adult, male students at her aviator father’s flight school in Danbury, Conn. But when she told her friends, family members and teachers that she wanted to be a commercial pilot, they said airlines didn’t hire girls. “Daddy thought it was cute and adorable …… Read Article →


Pilot rescued from crashed microlight after failed landing

The two-seater kit aircraft bounced twice and rolled onto its side at Culbokie Airfield in June. Pegasus Quik: Microlight crashed on landing (file pic). Creative Commons by TM / Cropped A pilot was rescued from his crashed microlight after a failed landing near Inverness. The two-seater kit Pegasus Quik aircraft bounced twice and rolled on to its side at Culbokie Airfield in June. Its 39-year-old pilot suffered minor injuries and was… Read Article →

Do Pilots Hook Up With Flight Attendants? An Airline Pilot Answers

By – Paul Thompson:- My friend Mike* is a First Officer at a regional airline here in the U.S. He’s graciously agreed to answer some questions exclusively for Flight Club about being a pilot, as well as addressing some of the rumors that we hear as travelers about everything from sex to slowing your plane down on purpose. Is it true that regional pilots intentionally fly slower to make more money, since… Read Article →


Watch moment BA pilot lands plane at one of the world’s ‘scariest’ airports…thanks to cameras placed in the cockpit

There’s a belief that computers do all of the work in the cockpit, but this amazing video shows British Airways pilots conquering one of the most challenging runways in the world. With cameras mounted in the flight deck, the clip shows a pilot’s-eye view as a BA plane approaches and touches down on the runway in Funchal, on the Portuguese island of Madeira. It may seem like a routine event,… Read Article →


16 Dark Secrets About Flying As Told By Flight Attendants And Pilots

Here’s a tip. Consider tipping your flight attendant. No one does and it might get you free drinks for the rest of your flight. Planes are dirty. Blankets and pillows are get refolded and placed back in their storage bins. Lock all of your bags. Also lock your carry-on. People are having to check bags due to size restrictions and overcrowding. If your bag doesn’t have a lock on it,… Read Article →


5 Places Airlines Pilots Hate to Fly

If you think you have gripes about air travel these days, consider the pilots and flight crews who deal with extreme delays and harried passengers every time they go to work. We asked one pilot, a first officer with a major U.S. airline for 19 years and counting, to dish exclusively to AOL Travel which airports he most dreads. Read on for which one has the rudest passengers, and which… Read Article →