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Economy airline seats pose ‘life-and-death’ risk to passengers, says report

A RECENT investigation seems to confirm nearly every airline passenger’s worst fear: economy seating “could be a death trap.” The Daily Beast has reportedly examined “over 900 pages” of documents from the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and concluded that newer economy class seating sections may not provide adequate room for evacuation in the case of an emergency, Fox News reports. The report follows a lawsuit filed in the United States… Read Article →


Airport to Allow Friends and Family to Escort PAX to the Gate

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) will soon allow the public into secure terminals, as long as they are not on the “No Fly” list and can pass through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. In a press release, the airport announced the launch of the “myPITpass” program, starting on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. “Since I started here, people have been asking about being able to escort loved ones to the gate or… Read Article →


Wellington Airport’s backers claim lack of flights creates 325,000 ‘missing’ passengers

Wellingtonians and taxpayers may soon be asked to stump up $200 million, based on the belief that hundreds of thousands of visitors are “missing”. As Tim Brown tells it, the first time he discussed a “back of the envelope”-type analysis of the cost to extend Wellington runway with the airport’s chief executive, Steve Sanderson, the conversation was “completely negative”. An executive at infrastructure investor Infratil and chairman of Wellington International… Read Article →

Why You Should Never Post Photos of Your Boarding Pass

Did you ever think that taking a picture of your boarding pass and then posting it on a social media site such as Facebook or Instagram was a fun way to share with the world that you were going on a trip? Well, you may want to think twice before doing it again. Recently travel blogger and CEO of Steve Hui conducted an experiment to see what information he… Read Article →



Want to sail smoothly through the airport? Stop doing stupid things. What’s that? Oh,you’re a pro when traveling, and it’s the other fliers who’re the impediment; in that case, share this with your high-flying friends, and we can all learn together. FLICKR: DYKSTRANET 6. Believing the gate agent There’s a chance that the last time you flew and were delayed by no fault of your own, your airline owed you… Read Article →


WIN: 1 x Priority Pass for amazing VIP access to 950+ airport lounges worldwide

PLUS: we review the chic Aspire Lounge and Spa at Heathrow Airport Priority Pass No one likes the hustle and bustle of airports, do they? Combined with the stress and worry that comes hand-in-hand with traveling, it can be quite the toxic mix. No wonder then the idea of lounge access is so irresistible for so many. And we know how to get you into over almost a thousand of them around… Read Article →


Heathrow Airport Debuts ‘Garden Gate’ Plant Wall To Help Travelers Relax

Can peace lilies bring peace to an airport? Traveling through an airport can be hectic: There are long lines, loud announcements and an overall frantic energy of passengers dashing to make their flight. But, there’s one way to mitigate the stress, at least according to London’s Heathrow airport: installing a “living wall.” The sixth busiest airport in the world just unveiled their new “Garden Gate,” a green wall consisting of… Read Article →

9 mistakes you’re making at the airport

FROM the baggage drop to the security line to the boarding gate, just getting through the airport these days can throw pitfalls that you never saw coming. Here are nine typical airport mistakes you may be making, as well as some expert tips on making it out of the airport, and onto your plane, with as little hassle as possible. 1. NOT DOWNLOADING YOUR AIRLINE/AIRPORT APP Using your carrier’s app… Read Article →

Weird items we leave at the airport

AIRPORTS are stressful places. Lots of rules, forms to fill in, queues everywhere. And all the time we’re carrying around precious cargo from priceless jewellery to expensive electronics. No wonder, in our haste, we leave the odd invaluable item in the departure lounge. Ever left a book at the gate? Some scotch by the carousel? Or your microwave at check in (yep, it appears someone did this)? If you didn’t… Read Article →


uring our flight, we need to take good care of our passports and boarding pass as these are among the most important things that we will need upon boarding. And while we consider a boarding pass an important component of our sojourn, we treat this piece of paper differently. Some people are so excited about the travel that they take pictures of their boarding pass and post in online. There… Read Article →