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PRIMERA AIR is offering budget-friendly flights to New York, Boston, Washington D.C and Toronto.

Airline launches £99 flights to America and Canada – here’s how to nab them

PRIMERA AIR is offering budget-friendly flights to New York, Boston, Washington D.C and Toronto. It’s a common misconception that flying long haul is more expensive than visiting somewhere closer to home. Many airlines offer cheap flights for transatlantic journeys – you just need to know where to look. Primera Air are flogging tickets to North America for as little as £99. The trips will take off from London Stanstead and reach New… Read Article →

Big Breaking - Russian Air Force kills over 30 jihadists in area where pilot was killed

Big Breaking – Russian Air Force kills over 30 jihadists in area where pilot was killed: MoD

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the country’s air forces conducted a high-precision group strike of the area controlled by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham militants in Idlib, from where a projectile was fired downing Russian Su-25 aircraft. “A group strike using precision weapons has been conducted in the area controlled by the Jabhat al-Nusra [Jabhat Fatah al-Sham] terrorist group in Idlib province, from where the missile was launched against the… Read Article →


Economy airline seats pose ‘life-and-death’ risk to passengers, says report

A RECENT investigation seems to confirm nearly every airline passenger’s worst fear: economy seating “could be a death trap.” The Daily Beast has reportedly examined “over 900 pages” of documents from the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and concluded that newer economy class seating sections may not provide adequate room for evacuation in the case of an emergency, Fox News reports. The report follows a lawsuit filed in the United States… Read Article →


Reports are BOTH new Delta Air Lines A350 jets have be damaged and are grounded!

How serious and how extensive the damage to either of the brand new jets, set to replace the aging 747’s, is still currently unknown. According to user Concordski this is possibly what happened to one of the jets: “… hearing from a Delta mechanic that a Delta A350 suffered wing delamination during a tire burst that sent rubber up to the wing during a landing at HSV. The mechanic described the… Read Article →

Choose your seat wisely and extend your beach vacation for free

Choose your seat wisely and extend your beach vacation for free

When flying through the Caribbean having a window seat is fun. Normally, the difference between an aisle seat or a window seat is pretty minimal. So long as you are not in the middle, it doesn’t matter at all. That changes when you are flying to St. Somewhere. This is no longer an inconsequential detail, comparable to “did I pack enough socks?”. Having the window seat is now an opportunity… Read Article →

Horrifying moment Jetstar passengers PASS OUT on a flight after they were left three hours with no air conditioning due to technical glitch

Up to five passengers are said to have fainted on board a Melbourne-bound Jetstar flight after the air conditioning broke. Video taken by a distressed passenger shows people fanning themselves to stay cool and growing increasingly frustrated as they spent more than two hours on the plane earlier this year. Flight JQ18 had just finished boarding at Phuket Airport when the power unit that controls the air-conditioning broke. Passenger Laura… Read Article →


Vintage photos reveal what flying in First Class was like in the 1930s

NOWADAYS, tens of millions of people travel every year by plane for business and pleasure. But 80 years ago, commercial plane travel was a whole different ball game. In the 1930s, flying was only for the rich and famous — although there was a boom in aviation during the decade. From 1930 to 1934 alone, the number of passengers flying with airlines in America shot up from 6,000 to 450,000,… Read Article →


Qantas Dreamliners to fly direct from Brisbane Airport to multiple US cities

HALF of Qantas’ new ultra-long-range Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner fleet will be based in Brisbane, allowing passengers to fly direct to a host of US destinations. More than 100 flight and crew who will fly the four new-generation aircraft will also be based in Brisbane, supporting 470 jobs. The announcement was made by Qantas chief executive officer Alan Joyce and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at a joint press conference at Brisbane Airport… Read Article →


United Airlines employees are getting new Brooks Brothers uniforms and Tumi bags

On Thursday, United Airlines announced that it will partner with Brooks Brothers, Tracy Reese, and Carhartt to create new uniforms for its 70,000 front line employees. In addition, the airline announced that Tumi has been selected as the official luggage provider for its flight attendants. “The partners we’ve selected uniquely match what our employees asked for in a uniforms program – style, comfort, and durability,” Kate Gebo, the airline’s chief… Read Article →

Jetstars swaps luggage of travellers flying to Cairns and Darwin

JETSTAR passengers returning from Bali have been left without their bags after a mix-up between two planes. Livid holiday-makers have taken to Facebook to vent their fury over misplaced luggage after the budget airline swapped luggage destined for Darwin with that of passengers on their way to Cairns. Jetstar confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that “a number of bags” had been place on the wrong flight. “We apologise to customers… Read Article →