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Drunks on aircraft is just plan crazy

I am sad to say this, but, in my opinion, we are heading for a major mid-air disaster due to the number of violent drunks on aeroplanes. I think we have been really lucky so far, but it is just a matter of time. It’s getting out of control and they are a disgrace. Once they get on that plane, they are a ticking time bomb and it seems to… Read Article →


A dark review for United’s Boeing 787

I’ve been wanting to fly on the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” ever since I missed a chance to go on an inaugural junket aboard one before Boeing began delivery to the airlines. Then I finally got my chance, three days ago, aboard United Flight 935 from London to Los Angeles. Some context: United is my default airline by virtue of having flown 1.5 million miles with them, which has earned me some status. Specifically, I… Read Article →



EARLY NEXT YEAR, a Boeing 777 will take off from the company’s airfield near Seattle with a laser shooting out of its nose. It may sound like a novel (and grisly) way to avoid bird strikes, but this isn’t that kind of laser. Rather, it’s part of a new system that Boeing hopes could spot brutal turbulence that can damage aircraft and toss passengers around the cabin—and give crews enough time to… Read Article →

Airhostess dies after falling from third floor flat in Kolkata

Airhostess dies after falling from third floor flat in Kolkata

KOLKATA: A 23-year-old airhostess, who had become the head of the crew at such an early age, was found dead outside her building, in a pool of blood after possibly falling down from the sliding window of her third floor flat, early on Wednesday. Two of her friends – a man and a woman — were inside the flat when police knocked in around 5am when they claimed to be sleeping… Read Article →


Navy announces fix to Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

The recently commissioned supercarrier Gerald R. Ford has been widely criticized for having a myriad of mechanical issues, but the U.S. Navy can scratch the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System off that list, according to a Naval Air Systems Command release. The Navy says it performed 71 successful test launches this summer to confirm that the launch system is finally working correctly. While EMALS has always been able to safely launch aircraft… Read Article →


21 Best ways to kill time at the airport

YOUR flight is cancelled, or maybe just delayed. Either way, you have time to kill, and you’re stuck at the airport. It’s perfectly normal that you might not feel inspired by the polished white corridors or duty-free shops. Here are our tried-and-tested tips for filling in the hours until your flight: 1. Go on a scavenger hunt. This one is especially good if you have kids to entertain. Make a… Read Article →


The colour of your passport: Why are passports either red, green, black or blue?

Approaching immigration control, have you ever wondered why your passport, and the passports of those around you, are the colours that they are? OK, perhaps not – the airport experience is enough to frazzle our sense of curiosity. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than you might think. According to Hrant Boghossian, the vice president of Arton Group, which runs the interactive passport database Passport Index, the shade of… Read Article →


Cabin crew reveal secrets airlines don’t want you to know

Airline staff have taken to Reddit to reveal some shocking secrets that you might want to look out for on your next flight. According to users posting on the social media website, those taking to the skies might want to skip wearing the headphones supplied by airlines, pass on the free coffee and take a deep breath before fitting an oxygen mask. The advice comes from anonymous employees of airlines… Read Article →



Not all long-haul flights have to be miserable and boring! When you think better of all the emotions and situations you get on long haul flights they seem quite funny! If you don’t have a smile on your face yet that check these situations immediately! 1. When you get a free upgrade 2. When you get a whole row to yourself 3. When you try making conversation with the person… Read Article →


American Airlines tells passengers how to behave, backlash ensues

Consumer satisfaction with airlines has been tanking as carriers tack on fees,strip away amenities and squeeze passengers into smaller seats. American Airlines wants its passengers to be happy—but they don’t necessarily want to have to do anything to improve the overall customer experience. This week, the legacy carrier rolled out a new ad campaign that salutes “the world’s greatest fliers.” Who exactly fits this mold? Apparently, it’s the passenger that… Read Article →