Blind woman, service dog kicked off Dallas-bound American Airlines flight


Sue Martin, who is blind, was booked on a connecting flight from Washington, D.C., to DFW International Airport on March 1, WLBZ-TV reported. But when Martin asked a flight attendant to move her to another row so that the dog could lie down, the attendant reportedly refused, and told her to leave the flight and talk to a ticketing agent.

A passenger claims a fumbling flight attendant who drenched him was to blame for a plane having to make an emergency landing in the U.S. but the airline says it was his fault. Her husband asked the pilot, on their way out, why they were being kicked off the flight.

Martin told MailOnline Travel: ‘The crew lied about not being able to reseat me and did not inform me, as required by law, about a Complaints Resolution Official.

The menu will differ depending on the time of day, American Airlines said. Previously, the airlines had invested in new business class seats and other amenities for premium passengers, but now many are improving the coach experience, too. They arrived in California eight hours later than they had originally planned.

“It pretty much ruined my vacation”, she said. “I’ve never had anything happen like this before”.

Martin has filed complaints with both American Airlines and federal transportation authorities.

In response to the allegations by American Airlines’ flight attendants, Twin Hill, the manufacturer of the uniforms said in January that the garments are safe. The airline, she said, called to say that they had looked into the incident and determined that the crew acted properly. American Airlines does not appear to have such a policy.

The American Airlines flight from Miami to Chicago was diverted on Monday afternoon due to a drink mishap.

Martin has been blind since a suicide attempt when she was 26. Customers can use sites like and to determine which plane they will be flying in.

“So we’ve got to figure out how to address it”, Parker said, adding, “But we can’t keep it like this”.

American did not say why it will not fully match Delta’s program.

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