Airline Employee Brings Entire Airport To Tears – Sings Nat Anthem For Fallen Soldier


By Jeff Rainforth

This is amazing, beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time.

An employee of Alaska Airlines learned that the ashes of a fallen soldier would be on one of their flights. She got on the airport’s intercom, and asked if she could honor the fallen soldier by singing our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Everyone in the airport stood. The airline employee (Denise Snow), then emotionally sang our anthem for the fallen soldier. People were fighting back tears. Watch the amazing video below, and ask why there aren’t more like Denise who respect those who gave their all, so that we can be free. Thank you Denise for your dedication to our fallen, and to all those who support our amazing veterans.

Neal recorded this and luckily enough he had his phone out to record it. I was fighting back tears! This happened in the Anchorage airport just before we boarded our flight to Seattle. A fallen soldier's ashes were being carried home on our plane. He served 21 selfless years in our military. What a moving experience and what an amazing voice of that Alaska Airlines employee! #alaska #alaskaairlines #selfless #military #ashes #amazingvoice #tears #america #usa #freedom #fightforfreedom #travel #family #sacrifice #home #beautiful #facebookhashtag #respectourmilitary #thankful

Posted by Julia Collman Jette on Friday, October 16, 2015

On Oct. 16, Julia Jette was half asleep in the Anchorage airport, waiting to board a red eye flight to Seattle, when she heard something unexpected.

“We thought it was the announcement to start boarding, “ Jette said.
Instead it was customer service agent Denise Snow, letting her passengers know that a fallen soldier’s ashes would be traveling on the plane and that she would like to sing in his honor.

“Everyone as far as I could see stood in respect and were silent as she sang,” said Jette, who posted a video of the tribute to Facebook. “I was fighting back tears. The family member carrying the ashes was crying and it ripped my heart out. It was amazing and heart wrenching all at once.”

In less than a week, Jette’s husband’s video of Snow, which she shared on Facebook, had 142,000 views and more than 4,000 shares.

Snow has been with Alaska for 26 years, and says she sings to inspire others.

“I always pray that my singing will bring joy to the hearts of those listening and soothe away their pain,” said Denise. “I love to honor those who fought so hard for America and my freedom with my voice and let them know I appreciate what they did for this country.“

Snow said her passion for singing began at church at the age of three, singing for her church’s prison ministry. Most recently she performed at a send-off ceremony for a group of 23 World War II veterans departing on an Honor Flight trip to Washington, D.C.

“Denise uses her gift of a beautiful voice to honor those that have served our country, some making the ultimate sacrifice. I do not believe she has missed an Honor Flight departure, at times coming in dressed in her uniform on her day off,” says Marilyn Romano, regional vice-president, Alaska. To watch a 90-year old World War II veteran stand at attention from his wheelchair while Denise sings is something you never forget.”

H/T to Alaska Airlines for the story.

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