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Horrifying moment Jetstar passengers PASS OUT on a flight after they were left three hours with no air conditioning due to technical glitch

Up to five passengers are said to have fainted on board a Melbourne-bound Jetstar flight after the air conditioning broke. Video taken by a distressed passenger shows people fanning themselves to stay cool and growing increasingly frustrated as they spent more than two hours on the plane earlier this year. Flight JQ18 had just finished boarding at Phuket Airport when the power unit that controls the air-conditioning broke. Passenger Laura… Read Article →


Vintage photos reveal what flying in First Class was like in the 1930s

NOWADAYS, tens of millions of people travel every year by plane for business and pleasure. But 80 years ago, commercial plane travel was a whole different ball game. In the 1930s, flying was only for the rich and famous — although there was a boom in aviation during the decade. From 1930 to 1934 alone, the number of passengers flying with airlines in America shot up from 6,000 to 450,000,… Read Article →


Qantas Dreamliners to fly direct from Brisbane Airport to multiple US cities

HALF of Qantas’ new ultra-long-range Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner fleet will be based in Brisbane, allowing passengers to fly direct to a host of US destinations. More than 100 flight and crew who will fly the four new-generation aircraft will also be based in Brisbane, supporting 470 jobs. The announcement was made by Qantas chief executive officer Alan Joyce and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at a joint press conference at Brisbane Airport… Read Article →


Retired flight attendant killed in Brooklyn apartment fire

A 66-year-old retired flight attendant with British Airways was killed when a fire swept through her third-floor Brooklyn apartment late Saturday night, officials and neighbors said. Edwina Faith Golas was mourned Sunday by residents who said they couldn’t get enough of her vampy fashion sense — which she kept even though she was undergoing cancer treatments and had lost her hair. “She was so full of life, I can’t believe… Read Article →


Flight Attendant’s Photography Shows a Side of Virgin America Passengers Rarely See

By 2019, Virgin America will no longer exist. For those who have flown with the popular airline since it commenced operations in 2007, its upcoming merger with Alaska Airlines is bittersweet. Molly Choma, a flight attendant and photographer, is on a mission to preserve Virgin America before it disappears forever. For the past nine years, Choma has worked for Virgin America. It was her first job out of college and throughout her 20s, as her life changed,… Read Article →


United Airlines employees are getting new Brooks Brothers uniforms and Tumi bags

On Thursday, United Airlines announced that it will partner with Brooks Brothers, Tracy Reese, and Carhartt to create new uniforms for its 70,000 front line employees. In addition, the airline announced that Tumi has been selected as the official luggage provider for its flight attendants. “The partners we’ve selected uniquely match what our employees asked for in a uniforms program – style, comfort, and durability,” Kate Gebo, the airline’s chief… Read Article →

Passengers explain the weirdest cabin crew behaviour

Getty Flight attendants have previously revealed some of the weirdest things they have ever seen on a flight when it comes to passengers. From mile-high club members to fussy eaters, they have seen everything there is when on duty. However, passengers are now the ones to spill the beans on some of the oddest things they’ve seen cabin crew do whilst in flight. Many of them are baffling, to say… Read Article →


Airline launches “mood-enhancing” menu with food psychologist

WE ALL know emotions can run high when people are trapped in a confined space, with strangers, 30,000 feet in the air. But this airline may have come up with the answer to plane rage. Low-cost British carrier, Monarch Airlines has teamed up with an Oxford University food psychologist professor — and the man behind Heston Blumenthal’s science-inspired dishes — to come up with an in-flight menu which is “guaranteed”… Read Article →


This flight attendant is sick of passengers with gross foot behaviour

LADIES and gentlemen, it’s time we had a serious talk. Most of you reading this are thankfully not my target audience, and will understand that, in writing this, I am fighting the good fight for you, dear airline passenger. You should not have to see the things you’ve seen or smelled. You should never have to feel so violated or intruded upon, and I wish these things did not take… Read Article →

10 things air hostesses hate about passengers

10 things air hostesses hate about passengers

They might be at their politest best in spite of your arrogance and that’s only because it is their job. While we don’t give it much thought, they are the lifeline of the aviation industry. Yes, we are talking about air hostesses on board. Can you imagine a self-served flight without stewards to help with food, safety or to cater to your whims and fancies? You can’t. They do everything… Read Article →