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Flight attendant Daughter gives her surprise trip and It Totally Changed Their Relationship

We took a long haul flight and came back closer than ever. My mom is a flight attendant, so you’d probably assume that she jets around the globe, spending evenings sipping Côtes du Rhône in Paris and afternoons noshing on tapas in Madrid. In reality, she works for a regional airline and is mostly commuting across the Midwest portion of the continental U.S. Until last year she’d never been out… Read Article →

Come fly with me! Married couple share cockpit as British Airways pilots

A married couple who pilot British Airways flights together have described how sharing a cockpit helps their relationship. Hugo and Hannah Webb, who have two young children, say it is “great fun” to fly side by side. Hugo and Hannah Webb, who have two young children, say it is “great fun” to fly side by side. PA Speaking ahead of their latest joint flight, from London Heathrow to Milan on… Read Article →


Furious family kicked off Delta flight because their young son had head lice

CLAY Travis and his wife were super vigilant about treating their three boys for lice once they found out their cousins had the dreaded hair infestation. “When my sister told me about her kids having lice, my wife bought all the over the counter lice treatments and doused our kids with it. Then she kept an eye on both boys over the next several weeks,” he says on his blog Out… Read Article →


Navy announces fix to Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

The recently commissioned supercarrier Gerald R. Ford has been widely criticized for having a myriad of mechanical issues, but the U.S. Navy can scratch the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System off that list, according to a Naval Air Systems Command release. The Navy says it performed 71 successful test launches this summer to confirm that the launch system is finally working correctly. While EMALS has always been able to safely launch aircraft… Read Article →


Furious passengers confront easyJet staff at Luton airport when their flight to Ibiza is delayed OVERNIGHT because pilot’s wife went into labour

Furious passengers confronted easyJet staff after their flight to Ibiza was delayed overnight because the pilot’s wife went into labour. Video footage filmed at the airport showed disgruntled holidaymakers swear and shout after learning their 8pm flight was delayed. Passengers had already gone through security and were waiting to board the plane at 7.30pm when they were told it wasn’t going to leave. It has since been pushed back twice… Read Article →

Backpacker boarding on airline gate

7 Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board A Plane

Flight attendants may seem chipper and carefree, but don’t be fooled: While pouring bubbly and chatting with travelers, these trained first responders are also keeping a close watch over the plane for threats, starting the very moment you board. “Passengers think we are just greeting them at the door,” Jay Robert, a flight attendant and founder of Fly Guy, told HuffPost. “But they’d be surprised at the number of threats we eliminate at that stage of the flight which would… Read Article →


Family tossed off JetBlue flight after toddler kicked seat

A FURIOUS Brooklyn couple says American low-cost carrier JetBlue booted them and their three kids off a flight after their 1-year-old kicked the seat in front of her. Mandy Ifrah, 35, told the New York Post on Wednesday how she, her husband, Tamir Raanan, 37, and their young daughters were buckled up for takeoff June 21 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida., for their flight back to the Big Apple after attending a wedding. “It… Read Article →


Emirates, FlyDubai to join forces as airline economy slips

Emirates and FlyDubai, airlines owned by the Dubai government, announced a partnership Monday offering customers better access to each other’s networks. While not a consolidation, the regional carrier FlyDubai and international carrier Emirates will coordinate flights and feed passengers to each other’s flights. The partnership will increase the number of emirates’ destinations from 157 to 216, and will begin in the fourth quarter of 2017. The union is an indication of problems that… Read Article →


Woman Brags She’s Rich, Demands Alcohol, Slaps Flight Attendant and Bangs on Cockpit Door

On Thursday night a woman bragging about being rich and flying first class on American Airlines flight AA5771 — a 691 mile flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Moline operated by Mesa Airlines with a 76 seat Bombardier CRJ-900 — grabbed a “flight attendant by the arm before slapping her in the face.” The flight attendant refused to serve her any alcohol. She had had her share, apparently, on her inbound connection. I’m… Read Article →


Beach tragedy is a grim reminder: ‘Jet blast’ is no joke

IT’S not just a bunch of hot air. Jet blast, or the powerful release of steamy air from an accelerating aeroplane, can be dangerous — and even deadly. Making headlines this week, the most recent tragedy is 57-year-old New Zealander Gayleen McEwan, who was blown off her feet by the blast from a Boeing 737departing St. Maarten for Trinidad. McEwan, who was holidaying on the Caribbean island, hit her head on… Read Article →