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Disabled British Airways passenger left ‘humiliated’ after staff drop her on her HEAD as they carried her off plane

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Belinda Castle, 63, has vowed to sue after she was left ‘humiliated’ at Heathrow DISABLED British Airways passenger was dropped on her head by staff as she was carried off a plane. Multiple sclerosis sufferer Belinda Castle, 63, has vowed to sue after she was left “humiliated” at Heathrow. 3 Multiple sclerosis sufferer Belinda Castle, 63, lay in pain for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived Belinda, who… Read Article →

Daughter of first baby born on Loganair joins airline’s cabin crew

Her mother Freida Devin had boarded the air ambulance in Stronsay to travel to hospital in Kirkwall but baby Katy arrived only a few minutes into the eight-minute flight. Thick fog then prevented the Britten-Norman Islander aircraft from landing in Kirkwall and Captain Jamie Bayley had to divert to Aberdeen, about an hour and ten minutes away. Miss Stott and her mother both have a deep interest in aviation and… Read Article →


A surprise surcharge AFTER you have paid – it’s the latest crazy twist in the… budget airlines flying circus

Booking a flight used to be so simple – choose the destination and class of travel, select a seat and you could be sure your baggage was also included in the price along with some food and drink on board. Holidaymakers could start their getaway feeling relatively relaxed. Now travellers need the attention to detail of a contract lawyer combined with the skills of a mathematician to know if their… Read Article →


Surprising way crew get rid of bad smells in plane toilets

There’s no denying the stench of aeroplane toilets. With a steady flow of passengers paying a visit over several hours and no windows, the air in there can get pretty putrid. But never fear, cabin crew have a nifty trick to keep the bad smells at bay. If it’s getting nasty in the loo, a crew member will brew a strong pot of coffee and take it with them when… Read Article →


This Is the Alarming Reason Flight Attendants Will Never Drink Coffee on a Plane

Flight attendants will never consume drinks made from tap water on a plane because the water is notoriously dirty If you’re on a red-eye flight and feeling exhausted, think twice about ordering that cup of coffee before your next layover. Flight attendants usually refuse to drink any drink made from tap water on board, which includes plain coffee and tea. Why? The reason might alarm you. In an interview with… Read Article →