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This is what happens if you get too drunk before boarding a plane – at 9am

“I didn’t do anything wrong, I did nothing!” The man shouting and gesturing wildly has just been hauled off a flight bound for Malaga at Manchester Airport . His speech is slurred; he’s drunk after downing pints in a Terminal One bar at 9am. Shouting belligerently across the aisle before the plane’s even left the ground, he’s shot himself in the foot. have a zero-tolerance policy. Airport police officers… Read Article →


Airline forced us to choose between breastfeeding and our jobs: flight attendants

Two veteran flight attendants for Frontier Airlines claim they were forced onto unpaid leave after having babies and were banned from breast-pumping while on the job despite routinely working 10-hour days. Flight attendants Jo Roby and Stacy Rewitzer say the airline is “systematically failing” to accommodate pregnant and breastfeeding employees — even forcing Roby to pump breast milk in a bathroom at Denver International Airport and in airplane lavatories over a seven-month span, according… Read Article →

Pilot Under Investigation for Allowing Woman to Join Him in Cockpit Alone

A Chinese woman on Pakistan International Airlines flight PK853 from Tokyo to Beijing spent over two hours in the cockpit including time alone with just the pilot, staying there for landing. I’ve made the case that PIA is the world’s worst airline. They’ve lost thousands of passengers. And they’ve flown with more passengers than seats. Passengers have turned up to find military cargo planes instead of passenger aircraft. So nothing… Read Article →


Qantas boss Alan Joyce cops a cream pie to the face in a bizarre incident at a breakfast event

As he began the keynote address at the West Business Leadership Matters event, Mr Joyce was stunned to suddenly be smeared with what looked to be a lemon meringue pie by an elderly gentleman. The man aged in his late 60s or early 70s and wearing a suit, calmly walked up behind him on to the stage at the Hyatt Regency without any resistance from security. The elderly man grabbed… Read Article →


Major disaster averted at airport, tail of Jet Airways flight hits another aircraft before take off

A major disaster was averted at the Delhi airport on Sunday after the tail of a Patna-bound Jet Airways aircraft hit the wings of another plane that was heading to Srinagar. New Delhi: A major disaster was averted at the Delhi airport on Sunday after the tail of a Patna-bound Jet Airways aircraft hit the wings of another plane that was heading to Srinagar. According to sources, the collision took… Read Article →


‘I’ll kill you!’ American arrested after brawling on flight from Tokyo.

Domestic carriers aren’t the only ones experiencing periodic turbulent passenger incidents, apparently. A video recorded on an All Nippon Airways flight Monday captured a fistfight that broke out between two male passengers. The brawl was captured by Corey Hour, a Phoenix-based videographer who was sitting a few rows behind the men. The plane was scheduled to fly from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport but had not… Read Article →


Former flight attendant documents gross airplane behavior on social media

People do disgusting things at 30,000 feet. That’s why one former flight attendant started the social media phenomenonPassenger Shaming. “Nothing is ever Photoshopped,” said the page’s founder Shawn Kathleen, “and it’s disturbing to know that everything that happened on that website is 100 percent real.” During her years in the skies, Kathleen started a blog to anonymously call out passengers, “Rants of a Sassy Stew.” She grew a following and… Read Article →


The Real Reason Why It’s So Hard For Flight Attendants To Date

Flight attendants are the unicorns of the dating world, but only a select few can handle our magic. I’ve been a flight attendant for the past two years. The intrigue that surrounds us stems from the glamour of the Pan-Am flying era, but many 1950s stereotypes still linger. She’s the breezy beauty going to Athens tonight, constantly meeting celebrities on the JFK – LAX flight, or running a marathon in… Read Article →