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Bad behaviour hits new low on commercial flights

SOME do yoga in the galley. Others kick seats, or bring pungent snacks. Being crammed into a dehydrated metal tube for hours with hundreds of strangers is certain to make tempers flare, especially when you add gnarly feet, annoying hair, or passengers who remove clothing or shove their hands down their pants. Here’s a collection of the worst passengers this year, from Passenger Shaming: 1. This guy cracks us up…. Read Article →


Pilot Reacts In Heroic Fashion after Flight Attendant Forced To Give The Worst News

An airline pilot went above and beyond after learning that the remains of a fallen soldier, as well as the soldier’s family, were on his flight. Captain Richard Rodriguez was getting ready for a flight when a flight attendant came to him to let him know that, “We have an H.R. on this flight.” H.R. stands for human remains. The captain asked if the body was military and if there… Read Article →