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TURKMENISTAN has just unveiled its state-of-the-art airport but there’s already one big issue. The impressive design sprawls out in the capital Ashgabat and cost a staggering £1.75b to build. It’s been designed in the shape of a falcon, a tribute to the logo of the country’s national carrier Turkmenistan Airways. The impressive design houses five floors and can process a staggering 1,600 passengers every hour. But as soon as the… Read Article →


16 Dark Secrets About Flying As Told By Flight Attendants And Pilots

Here’s a tip. Consider tipping your flight attendant. No one does and it might get you free drinks for the rest of your flight. Planes are dirty. Blankets and pillows are get refolded and placed back in their storage bins. Lock all of your bags. Also lock your carry-on. People are having to check bags due to size restrictions and overcrowding. If your bag doesn’t have a lock on it,… Read Article →


5 Apps Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About

1. Momondo Momondo has this cool and unique way of presenting flight fares to the users. They split up the fares into useful little categories such as “cheapest,” “Quickest” and “Best.” In addition, they also have free city against for major locations such as Paris, Rome and New York which you can download and use offline. This is really a handy app for those who love travelling. So, these apps… Read Article →


5 Places Airlines Pilots Hate to Fly

If you think you have gripes about air travel these days, consider the pilots and flight crews who deal with extreme delays and harried passengers every time they go to work. We asked one pilot, a first officer with a major U.S. airline for 19 years and counting, to dish exclusively to AOL Travel which airports he most dreads. Read on for which one has the rudest passengers, and which… Read Article →


Are YOU at risk? Hackers steal personal information from 15 MILLION phone customers

HACKERS have stolen personal information from 15 million mobile phone customers – including home addresses and birth dates. The shocking security breach – which affects T-Mobile customers – was at a unit of credit reporting agency Experian. Experian is used by the mobile phone giant to check the credit of people applying for phone plans. Furious T-Mobile chief executive John Legere said: “I take our customer and prospective customer privacy… Read Article →



This conundrum is proposed by T. Denham, but it’s not universal. Apart from take-off and landing, when raised shades are obligatory, some airlines request window shades down during daylight, but no airline has the right to require it. Blinds closed is more likely to prevail on long sectors, especially on an overnight flight travelling in an easterly direction.   Darkness might last only four to five hours and closing the… Read Article →


The mighty New Zealand passport: Everything you need to know

Unless you’re a frequent globetrotter, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your passport. Let’s be honest – you keep it stuffed in your sock drawer, only letting it out once a year, when you decide you’re due for a tropical holiday (only to discover, annoyingly, it expired months ago). Here are some facts to help you reacquaint yourself with your most important travel document. New Zealand has one of the… Read Article →


The best airline in the world just added a new fee its customers will hate

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines just made a policy change this week that probably won’t make its customers very happy. The world’s largest international airline announced that it will “institute a minimal charge” for certain economy class passengers who wish to select their seats in advance of their flight. Passengers should expect to pay $15 per person for short flights and $40 per person for long-haul flights, AP reported. The new policy,… Read Article →


Cabin crew reveal their weirdest in-flight experiences

These cabin crew members deserve a medal. Everybody knows cabin crew must have a few tales up their sleeves that they’re just dying to relay to the world. Well now a new Reddit thread has unveiled exactly that, with hundreds of cabin crew members revealing all about some of their worst and downright weirdest in-flight experiences, “We had to remove a woman and her two little kids from the plane… Read Article →