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American Airlines tells passengers how to behave, backlash ensues

Consumer satisfaction with airlines has been tanking as carriers tack on fees,strip away amenities and squeeze passengers into smaller seats. American Airlines wants its passengers to be happy—but they don’t necessarily want to have to do anything to improve the overall customer experience. This week, the legacy carrier rolled out a new ad campaign that salutes “the world’s greatest fliers.” Who exactly fits this mold? Apparently, it’s the passenger that… Read Article →

A Untied Airlines Boeing 767 plane lands at Heathrow Airport, Middlesex.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday July 20th 2009.  Photo Credit should read: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing Following Severe Turbulence, Leaving Passengers And Crew Injured

The aircraft encountered severe turbulence hundreds of miles from shore.   Passengers on a transatlantic flight to London have described the terrifying moment the plane hit severe turbulence, leaving more than a dozen people needing medical treatment. The United Airlines flight from Houston, Texas, was on its was to Heathrow Airport when it had to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, Ireland. Some 16 people were treated by medics… Read Article →


Woman fined HKD4,000 for throwing orange juice at flight attendant

A mainland Chinese woman who was arrested for throwing a cup of orange juice at a Cathay Pacific flight attendant has been fined HKD4,000. Xu Chao Yu, 37, pleaded guilty to common assault at Tsuen Wan Magistrates’ Court today. According to HK01, the magistrate said Xu could be jailed for common assault, but let her off as she pleaded guilty, had no criminal record, and did not injure the victim…. Read Article →


Flight attendants hate it when you do this

The list of air travel irritations was published by Flight Attendant Career Connection, Huffington Post reports, a Facebook page for cabin crew members run by Abbie Unger. The following were named the most annoying things passengers are guilty of doing: Taking forever to decide which drink you want “You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” – Facebook user Corinne Spring Leaving rubbish… Read Article →



From the baggage drop to the security line to the boarding gate, just getting through the airport these days can throw pitfalls at you that you never saw coming. Even if you sail through the lines, there are other things you can do to make the wisest use of your time — and money — at the airport. Here are 10 typical airport mistakes you may be making, as well… Read Article →


Things I’ve noticed after a month in the skies

PERHAPS my favourite thing about new flight attendants is how they take me fondly back to my own newbie experience. The excitement and nerves. Truly learning how utterly strange humans are. The fun of being the new guy or girl on the block. One new hire (who wishes to remain anonymous) listed some of his early impressions for me, and has permitted me to share them. Thoughts After One Month… Read Article →


How To Change A Name And Date On A Airlines Flight Booking

Video Transcription Welcome to another edition of Travelstart’s FAQ Friday with me, Nick Paul. Today we are going to talk about a really common question that we get asked here at Travelstart: How to change a name and date on a flight booking. This is such a common thing that we deal with that we actually have an entire department dedicated to it. We are going to look two different types… Read Article →


7 things not to do on a plane according to a flight attendant who just quit

Ever wondered what you can’t do on a plane? Reddit user adrianne456 quit her job as a flight attendant and decided to answer some of the most important questions about flying. adrianne456, whose credentials have been verified by Reddit, wrote: I’ve been a flight attendant for a little under two years for a regional airline that serves three of the US’ major airlines. I worked on 80 seater aircrafts with… Read Article →


Airline staff reveal industry’s biggest secrets

Did you know that the two pilots on a flight are served different meals – and cannot share – to avoid both being struck down with food poisoning? This is just one of the revelations to come from an online airline confession session this week. When a user on the website Reddit asked those who have worked in the aviation industry to share their secrets, the responses poured in –… Read Article →



Southwest Airlines is well known for its lower fares and more relaxed attitude about air travel, and the video below makes it very clear why! The flight attendant in this clip is both talented and dedicated, and he is bound and determined to give his passengers a bit of entertainment as the board the flight, find their seats and put away their bags. This musical Southwest flight attendant named David… Read Article →