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What the green airplane of the future could look like

The green airplane of the future will tackle some of aviation’s biggest environmental challenges including fuel efficiency, noise and plane washing. New developments in technology will make it quieter, cleaner and cheaper, allowing it to fly more frequently and burn less fuel. And it is taking off in Brazil after the Rio 2016 Olympics. The Embraer E170 is the prototype unveiled by Boeing and its Brazilian manufacturers in the latest… Read Article →


8 Struggles Flight Attendants Would Never Tell You

Flight attendants are known for appearing put together and able to easily assist you with any needs that might come up during your flight. However, you might be surprised to learn there is a lot more to a flight attendant’s shift than may appear to the untrained eye. It can often be messy, tiring and frustrating. It is an unglamorous job, but someone has to do it. Here are just… Read Article →


Flight Attendants Share Their Beauty Secrets at 30,000 Feet

  We polled crew members on how to look good at cruising altitude. We’ve all been there: those long-haul flights where even the softest blanket isn’t enough to ward off how weary you feel (and look). Yet flight attendants manage to stay fresh-faced and polished from takeoff to landing. So what’s their secret? We asked the jet-setting experts to share their in-flight (and pre-boarding) beauty tricks of the trade. 1…. Read Article →


Woman Makes False Bomb Alert in the Airport…Why She Did It Will Really Surprise You

A woman has gotten herself into more trouble than she bargained for after starting a false bomb alert in the airport. She triggered the bomb alert because she wanted to stop her husband boarding a plane at Geneva. Prosecutors revealed, on Wednesday, that the woman has admitted making a false bomb threat, after hours of tightened security that caused traffic chaos around the airport on the French-Swiss border. “Yesterday in… Read Article →


Flight Attendant FIRED After Posting “SECRET ROOM” Pics To FB. Airlines Don’t Want You Knowing THIS…

Air planes are notoriously tight fitting quarters. Unless you swing for it an buy a luxury first class ticket. Those plush leather seats and free glasses of sparkling champagne are probably worth the high price tag. But did you know there’s actually a secret room in the airplane the airline crew doesn’t want you to know about? While people like you and me are stuck in coach elbowing and kicking… Read Article →


Malaysia Airlines Deactivates Their Reactivated Deactivated 747

As I first wrote about in March, a few months back struggling Malaysia Airlines brought a 747-400 back into service. Malaysia Airlines used to have a fleet of Boeing 747s, which they retired in 2012. This coincided with the airline taking delivery of their six Airbus A380 aircraft, which they used primarily for their London and Paris routes. Following the terrible tragedies of MH370 and MH17, Malaysia Airlines has been forced… Read Article →


The world’s best (and worst) airlines – according to TripAdvisor

Did you know you could submit a review of your airline using TripAdvisor? The website recently gave users the chance to rate their flight, as well as their accommodation, in a move it claims will “demystify” what is becoming an increasingly confusing market place for travellers. But which airlines score highest on TripAdvisor – and which are propping up the table? The best airlines – according to TripAdvisor Hundreds of… Read Article →


Flying ‘no frills’ airlines with no fear

Airfare prices can soar if you fly with the whole family in tow. But discount airlines can be downright scary. Will you get to your destination on time? Will you end up paying more in fees anyway? Last week, my family of five took a Spirit Airlines flight to Denver and back to Houston. I am sharing how we booked the airfare and planned in advance so you too can… Read Article →


Man accused of inappropriately touching girl on flight was returning from alcohol dependency treatment

The man accused of groping a 13-year-old girl on flight from Dallas to Portland last month was returning to Oregon after completing a residential treatment for alcohol dependency in Florida. Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Edmonds revealed the information Thursday while arguing for Chad Camp, 26, to remain in jail as he awaits trial on a charge of abusive sexual contact, KXAS-TV (NBC5) reports. A witness told police Camp had at… Read Article →