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Mum banned from Ryanair after her young son SPAT at passengers

Police waiting at Liverpool airport after mum abused crew and refused keep unruly son under control A woman has been banned from flying with Ryanair after she failed to control her young son spitting at other passengers. The mum, her husband, and their three children were escorted away by police waiting atLiverpool John Airport on Wednesday evening after trouble erupted in Barcelona. Complaints were made by passengers about a young… Read Article →


Drunk passenger forces London flight to make emergency landing

The plane flying from London to Latvia’s capital Riga had to take a detour and land in the Polish city of Gdansk when the inebriated 46-year-old, not named, refused to follow the crew’s instructions. According to reports, the Latvian man was very drunk and behaving inappropriately. Eyewitnesses said the 46-year-old was vulgar throughout the flight and was often disturbing other passengers on board. GETTY CUFFED: Polish border guards removed the… Read Article →

Boeing employees are scared to fly their own planes

“I WOULDN’T fly on one of these planes.” That’s the extraordinary comment from a Boeing employee about the very planes he’s helping to build, according to a documentary. Titled Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787, the documentary will air in full on Al Jazeera tonight. It includes unauthorised recordings showing some Boeing workers — current and former — complaining about serious safety issues with the 787 Dreamliner jet and alleged drug… Read Article →

Here's Why Flight Attendants Don't Like Being Called 'Stewardess'

Here’s Why Flight Attendants Don’t Like Being Called ‘Stewardess’

By Paul Thompson  – Flight attendants have a job that holds a lot of prestige in the eyes of most travelers, and they get called a lot of different things while doing their jobs — waitress, m’am, hey you, miss, air hostess, and trolley dolly. But one moniker that has pretty much gone out the emergency exit door is “stewardess,” and here’s why. I think it’s safe to say that a… Read Article →

American is rolling out a revenue requirement that will impose a certain cash amount for members to qualify for elite status in 2017.

What You Need to Know About American Airlines’ Loyalty Program Changes

American Airlines launched the first frequent flier program in 1981 and watched as every other major carrier moved quickly to follow suit. This was in the aftermath of airline deregulation, which introduced competition to the industry, and was well received by travelers who embraced loyalty programs. Over the years, airlines have continued to tweak their programs by charging fees for reward travel, adding expiration dates to miles, adding higher thresholds… Read Article →

16 Questions To Stop Asking Flight Attendants

16 Questions To Stop Asking Flight Attendants

If you want to avoid eye rolls and sassiness, avoid asking these bothersome 16 questions to ensure a pleasant flight. 1. “Am I going to make my connection?”  Just, no. 2. “Will they hold the aircraft for me?” While we’re cruising at 38,000 feet, let me just call the company and ask them for you. 3. “I need to take my medication. Can I have a glass of water?” I don’t… Read Article →


Breaking fast among the clouds, all in a day’s work for pilots

A Malaysia Airlines pilot talks about his exciting experiences during the holy month of Ramadan. KUALA TERENGGANU: Having your pre-dawn meal in one country and breaking fast in another amidst floating clouds at 41,000 feet above sea level must surely be quite an experience. On top of that, the time for breaking fast varies even on the same day. This is something enjoyed by the lucky few who at times,… Read Article →

Here’s What It’s Like Aboard The World’s Worst Airline

Most of us have had the experience where airline service isn’t quite what we expected. To do our duty, we run to the internet for an airing of grievances, giving a less than stellar review for sub-par service quality. But what happens when the airline is consistently ranked the worst in the world and only travels to and from one of the most hellish places known to man? Air Koryo… Read Article →

A flight attendant shares nine tips for acing the interview

You don’t have to be fashionable, but you need to be clean and well-groomed. While the job isn’t as glamorous as many people think, being a flight attendant does come with its own unique set of perks, among them the ability to travel the world at little cost and the flexibility to arrange your work schedule. Because of this, the competition among flight attendant candidates is so fierce that, for certain… Read Article →

10 Aviation Quotes That Could Save Your Life

10 Aviation Quotes That Could Save Your Life

By Swayne Martin 1) Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. If you’re faced with an emergency, always remember to fly the airplane first, navigate to a point of landing second, and then communicate your emergency. Swayne Martin 2) Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills. Flickr/Marcin Wichary 3) When in doubt, hold your altitude; nobody ever collided… Read Article →