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Wondering why Boeing chose “7”? They didnt really choose it.. heres why: Ever since Boeing started building planes back in the early 20’s, they started using a number system. The first planes were “0”s. They had two digit numbers. These were ALL biplanes. In the late 20s, Boeing started making the “2”s (the Boeing model 100 was a biplane as well, so they skipped the “1”s I believe). All of… Read Article →

For first time, Boeing reveals state tax breaks: $305 million in 2015

Times Watchdog | Boeing saved $305 million in state taxes last year thanks to aerospace tax incentives granted by lawmakers to keep the company building jets here. Union leaders point out the savings came even as the company cut jobs. Boeing saved $305 million in state taxes last year, thanks to Washington’s suite of aerospace tax incentives granted by lawmakers to keep the company building jets here. The company disclosed the… Read Article →


‘Violent explosion’ as helicopter crashes in Norway

AN oil-rig helicopter has crashed on an island off the coast of western Norway, killing all 13 people on board. The Airbus EC-225 helicopter shattered into pieces as it slammed just after noon on Friday local time into the rocky shoreline of Turoey, a tiny island outside Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. “We do not believe anyone can be found alive,” said Boerge Galta of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre. The… Read Article →

Bombardier and Delta announced a firm agreement for the purchase of 75 CS100 aircraft with options for an additional 50. (xenotar/Getty Images)

Bombardier overcomes Boeing effort to block 737 challenger

Delta Air Lines agreed to buy at least 75 of the state-of-the-art C Series narrow-body airplanes, which have struggled to make inroads against single-aisle aircraft made by rivals Airbus and Boeing. A breakthrough order from Delta Air Lines has finally established Bombardier as a real challenger to the Boeing and Airbus duopoly at the smaller end of the commercial-jet market. Delta on Thursday finalized a firm order for 75 of… Read Article →



FOLEY, AL — A security camera in Alabama captured the moment a plane plunged to the ground, hitting a tree. It burst into flames on impact. Seconds later, the entire aircraft was on fire. Several witnesses ran to the scene and were surprised to see the pilot was alive. They pulled him to safety after he tumbled from the burning plane. Incredibly, the pilot escaped with only a cut on… Read Article →

View of the fuselage of Aloha Airlines Flight 243, a Boeing 737-297, after the explosive decompression incident which occurred on April 28, 1988, while in flight between Hilo and Honolulu in Hawaii. File Photo courtesy NTSB

UPI Almanac for Thursday, April 28, 2016

On April 28, 1988, an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 lost an 18-foot section of its roof at 24,000 feet between Hilo, Hawaii, and Honolulu, killing a flight attendant. Today is Thursday, April 28, the 119th day of 2016 with 247 to follow. The moon is waning. Morning stars are Neptune, Uranus and Venus. Evening stars are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.   Those born on this date are under the… Read Article →


How Helicopters Glide to the Ground When the Engine Cuts Out

A smooth landing with no power. You might think that if a helicopter’s engines blow out, the aircraft is doomed to plummet to the Earth. Unlike a plane, which can glide a large distance with no power, a helo has no way to slow down—or so the thinking goes. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted this misconception in 2015. Actually, helicopters have a built-in mechanical control called the collective pitch lever that allows them to descend… Read Article →

An affidavit said an American Airlines passenger pulled down his pants and urinated on the floor (file photo)

American Airlines passenger ‘urinated on plane floor from his seat after downing two double shots of vodka in airport bar’

Passengers on board an American Airlines plane received a rude surprise when a 28-year-old man urinated on the floor of the aircraft on a cross-country flight, police claim. The incident occurred around an hour into the red-eye journey from San Francisco to Charlotte. Flight attendants were unable to get rid of the pungent smell of urine, which had soaked into the carpet, meaning passengers were forced to deal with it… Read Article →


‘Urgent’ engine fix ordered for Boeing 787 Dreamliners

OFFICIALS have ordered Boeing to fix engines on some of its 787 Dreamliner aeroplanes to avoid sudden failure in icy conditions, calling the problem an “urgent safety issue”. The directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration concerns a potential problem in General Electric’s most advanced engines that affects 176 planes worldwide, following a January incident that caused an engine on a Boeing’s newest 787 passenger jet to fail mid-flight. Although… Read Article →

US airport screeners have discovered unsettling new truths about what some American air travellers pack in their carry-on bags. Picture: Claudia Baxter

US airport security busts the highest-ever number of people trying to bring guns onto planes

WHETHER or not you have an opinion on gun laws in the US, this is the unsettling reality of flying in and out of American airports. The country’s airport screeners have recently set an undesirable new record for the highest-ever number of passengers stopped from bringing handguns onto flights — most of them loaded. And while those guns did not make it onto the aircraft, they had easily been brought… Read Article →