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Malaysia Airlines passenger’s food complaint triggers online debate

A passenger’s complaint on the condition of the food served onboard a Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) — formerly known as Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) — flight triggered an online debate. Twitter user Faizal Hamssin had yesterday claimed the state of the airline food served on board an MAB flight from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, to Kuala Lumpur was a “disgrace” to the overall image of the national carrier. “This mihun goreng served on @MAS BWN-KUL… Read Article →


Mom to American Airlines: Change your policies

BY STEPHEN MAYER, KATU NEWS- HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. — A Happy Valley mother says American Airlines has some explaining to do, and she wants them to change some policies while they’re at it. Beth Anne Frisby says her 9-year-old daughter, Baily, took a flight to Dallas by herself to visit her dad for the holidays. Frisby says she paid the extra $300 fee so the airline would keep an eye on… Read Article →

Fort McMurray man charged with assaulting flight attendant, forcing flight back to Toronto

A Fort McMurray man aboard an Air Canada flight to New Delhi is facing charges after the plane was forced to turn back to Toronto mid-flight. Sgt. Rob Lyall of Peel Regional Police said the man was taken into custody after the alleged incident, which occurred around midnight while the plane was over the ocean. They said the man was belligerent at the time, but was arrested without incident when the plane landed. In a statement,… Read Article →

My Run-In With A United Airlines Flight Attendant Who Hated Me For No Reason

I’m a pretty casual traveler. I’m the type of guy who just tosses his headphones in, buries himself in a book, and takes the good with the bad until I get home after a shit ton of delays. But sometimes, your boy gets heated. Case and point: December 27th while travelling from Puerto Vallarta to Houston after a Christmas vacation. It began innocently. Our flight, delayed about an hour due… Read Article →

Alarmed cabin crew on a Xiamen Airlines flight discovered a passenger banging his head against the wash basin

Shocking picture shows blood-stained aeroplane toilet following passenger’s attempt to ‘commit suicide by banging his head on a washbasin’

A shocking picture shows an aeroplane toilet covered in blood following the alleged attempt by a passenger to commit suicide by banging his head against the washbasin.  The 20-year-old man was on board a Xiamen Airlines flight from Haikou to Xiamen yesterday when crew heard ‘sudden loud bangs’ coming from the lavatory, local media reported. After opening the door with a spare key, crews apparently discovered the man bleeding heavily,… Read Article →

Photo: Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren/NOAA Corps.

27 Stylish Airliner Liveries From The Past

There was a time when passenger airplanes wore more sophisticated dress then nowadays, when airlines try to stand out from the crowd by applying huge images, harsh tones, and giant letters to their fleets, often covering all the fuselage of the aircraft. If we look back in time, we find elegant typography, minimalistic paint jobs, low-key colors, simple lines and dynamic curves, streamlined lightning bolts, remarkable yet discreet company or… Read Article →


Cars Vs. Planes: Which Emits More Carbon? (Which Sins Worst?)

Eco-activists  often indict air travel as a carbon-spewing threat to the global climate. Worldwide, commercial jets pour an estimated 700 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, leading to headlines like this one in The New York Times not long ago:  “Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel.” But it turns out that air travel’s notoriety as a most-wanted carbon criminal is a bum rap. Passenger… Read Article →

Kimchy (pictured with her husband) said the incident had ruined their family vacation, the first they had taken since she had had two children

Family of nine claim they were kicked off JetBlue flight ‘for no reason’ and branded ‘animals’ by the flight attendant over the loud speaker following overhead bin dispute

A woman claims a flight attendant referred to her family as ‘animals’ as they were escorted off a JetBlue flight on Tuesday. Keren Kimchy, from New York, said her family of nine – five adults and four children under the age of four – were all detained for several hours after a confrontation between the attendant and her brother-in-law. They had boarded the flight at New York’s John F. Kennedy… Read Article →


Air France flight makes emergency landing in Kenya after suspicious object found

By Warren Dawson- An Air France plane which arrived at Moi International Airport, Mombasa, Kenya Sunday Dec. 20, 2015 to pick passengers after a bomb scare on their earlier flight from Mauritius. Gagey congratulated the crew for his or her cool-headed response to divert the aircraft. A passenger on Air France Flight 463 says everything was calm and passengers thought there was simply a technical problem as their flight to… Read Article →