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Fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy ride! Disgruntled passengers, cold burgers and in-flight propaganda: North Korea’s Air Koryo ‘the world’s worst airline (four years running…)’

By JAMIE FULLERTON IN BEIJING FOR MAILONLINE– It is known for its lax approach to seating, odd choice of in-flight entertainment and food which is all but inedible. But this week Air Koryo, North Korea’s national airline, added another claim to fame to the list: it was named the worst airline in the world for the fourth year running by airline and airport ratings organisation Skytrax. Kim Jong-un’s airline of choice… Read Article →


Why do so many people hate US airports?

By Vanessa Barford– Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel periods in the US, with millions criss-crossing the country, often by air, to get home for their family dinner – and back again a couple of days later. But air travellers in the US often find the experience frustrating enough to voice bitter complaints. What went wrong? The Wright Brothers may have given birth to modern aviation on a beach at… Read Article →


Is it possible to fill fuel in the mid-air, in case of an emergency?

About the only way to refuel an aircraft in flight is for it to be met by a “tanker aircraft,” and for both aircraft to be specifically designed to allow air refueling. There are very few civilian tankers, and almost no civilian aircraft are designed to take on fuel in flight. Some military aircraft were not capable of being refueled in flight when they were designed and have been modified… Read Article →


11 secrets cabin crew won’t tell you

LONDON: You may think you know it all about air travel – the frustrating limits on hand luggage, the massively inflated price of a Boots meal deal – but there are some things even the most frequent flyer is ignorant to. Quora, a Q&A site where people pose questions and those with experience in that field answer them, has revealed some of the secrets that airline staff would never tell… Read Article →

American Airlines announced Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, that the initial route for the 787 Dreamliner will be Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago, O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth to Beijing and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

American Airlines Computer Program Botches Flight Attendant Holiday Schedules

By Ted Reed– A malfunction by an American Airlines bidding system program provided at least 200 legacy US Airways flight attendants with December schedules –including holiday schedules — they don’t want to fly, provoking an angry outcry on social media. American is sufficiently concerned that it is offering incentives including 150% pay for every trip that legacy US Airways flight attendants fly between Dec. 15 and Dec. 31; 300% pay for… Read Article →

FILE - In this Sept. 8, 2015, file photo, taken from the view of a plane window, smoke billows out from a plane that caught fire at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas. An engine on the British Airways plane caught fire before takeoff, forcing passengers to escape on emergency slides. A British law firm says it's filed a lawsuit against the makers of the engine on a British Airways plane that caught fire at a Las Vegas airport in September saying the event caused passengers physical and emotional injuries. (Eric Hays via AP, File) MANDATORY CREDIT

British Airways passengers who fled plane fire file lawsuit

By Kimberly Pierceall- Passengers who ran from a British Airways flight that caught fire in September before takeoff in Las Vegas are suing the plane’s manufacturer and the maker of the engines. London-based Stewarts Law said Friday it filed a lawsuit in Chicago against GE Aviation and Boeing Co. on behalf of 65 passengers who were bound for London and say they suffered physically and emotionally. The Boeing 777-200 was… Read Article →


Are aircraft carriers any use against a military like China or Russia?

The Chinese missile DF-21D travels at Mach 10 and has a range of 1200 kilometres. How does a U.S super carrier defend against a missile that travels about 7’600 miles per hour? I wouldn’t write the aircraft carrier’s obituary just yet.  Yes, something that falls on you out of the sky at Mach 10 is pretty damn tough to dodge or shoot down.  But targeting systems would be its vulnerability…. Read Article →

Froese, a musician and minister, and Miller were travelling to Brazil for a series of concerts by his band

Love is in the air: The moment a brave passenger proposed to his shocked girlfriend after singing a love song in front of strangers on a packed plane

By CHRIS KITCHING FOR MAILONLINE– This is the heart-warming moment a Canadian man stunned his girlfriend with a mile-high proposal in front of strangers on a flight to Brazil. And it’s a good thing she said yes – otherwise, it would have been an awkward 10-hour journey for everyone on board. Allen Froese, from Toronto, had a little help from Air Canada staff – and his guitar – when he popped… Read Article →


Why are Aeroplanes colored only WHITE? while fighter Aircrafts or Helicopters are colored mostly in DARK shades?

Why airplanes aren’t colored black? red? or some other colors like other vehicles are colored? why fighter aircrafts/jets or helicopters are mostly colored in dark shades? What is the main purpose of it? How is it related to nights, clouds, atmosphere or weight? I can write only about civilian airplanes. Airplanes, or aeroplanes. Not “airoplanes.” There is absolutely nothing to prevent any owner of a civilian plane – private or… Read Article →


How do fighter pilots typically earn their call signs?

“Iceman,” “Maverick,” “Merlin,” “Apollo,” fighter pilots always get cool call signs. But I’m guessing they don’t just pull these out of a hat. How do they get them? Are they assigned? Earned? BLUF: USAF fighter call signs are given at naming ceremonies or “namings”. They are usually based on how badly you’ve screwed something up, a play on your name, your personality or just the whims of the drunken mob… Read Article →