Airhostess dies after falling from third floor flat in Kolkata

Airhostess dies after falling from third floor flat in Kolkata

KOLKATA: A 23-year-old airhostess, who had become the head of the crew at such an early age, was found dead outside her building, in a pool of blood after possibly falling down from the sliding window of her third floor flat, early on Wednesday. Two of her friends – a man and a woman — were inside the flat when police knocked in around 5am when they claimed to be sleeping… Read Article →


This is what happens during a bird strike on a flight

DO YOU remember that time when you were a passenger on a commercial flight, your plane collided with a bird just before landing, and it damaged several engine blades, perhaps even causing it to fail entirely? No? I’m not necessarily surprised. I couldn’t tell you how many bird strikes I have experienced throughout my 15 year career as a flight attendant, not just because I have so many years under… Read Article →


Businessman trying to fly from Cologne to Essex ends up on flight to LAS VEGAS despite ‘airline staff checking his boarding pass three times’

A British businessman trying to get home to Essex somehow ended up in Las Vegas after getting on the wrong flight – despite claiming airline staff checked his boarding pass three times. Finance broker Samuel Jankowsky, 29, was supposed to be flying to Stansted after meetings in Cologne, Germany. It was only after an hour-long nap he woke up and spotted the Eurowings aircraft had flown past the UK on… Read Article →

The dark side of cabin crew life

The dark side of cabin crew life: Sadness, sickness and loneliness

TRYING to understand crew life is, for some people, almost a pastime. And as a flight attendant of 17 years, trying to explain it to people has become like a second job. However, as much as I talk about it, some sides remain difficult to express. Some are simply quite personal. Others come off as complaints. Essentially, I still love flying — but it’s glamorised and has real downsides that… Read Article →


Malaysia Airlines has gone through quite a roller coaster over the past few years. Since the disappearance of MH370, and the bombing of MH17, the airline has struggled. They changed CEOs and tried to pair up with Emirates. They have successfully become a regional carrier, and only retained one key long haul route: Kuala Lumpur-London. This is their flagship route, and the airline has operated their largest aircraft (the A380)… Read Article →


What is turbulence? It’s scary, but no cause for alarm.

By Andrea Sachs Patrick Smith compiled a list of the five things that worry him the most when flying. Bird strikes and cargo fires made the cut; turbulence did not. “Most of us in the cockpit are thinking, ‘This is really annoying,’ and not, ‘I hope the wings don’t rip off,’” said Smith, a veteran commercial air pilot who hosts the website Ask the Pilot. Flight-crew members are not typically ruffled by… Read Article →


Shocking footage shows Thomas Cook baggage handler hurling luggage into plane hold

THOMAS COOK passenger Shannon Peppiatt was outraged to see a baggage handler tossing luggage into the plane hold at Gatwick. Shannon Peppiatt flew from London Gatwick to Dalaman in Turkey with Thomas Cook. She said her luggage was ‘severely damaged’ when she arrived at her destination. Shannon claims the incident angered her enough to switch airlines for her return flight home. She said she chose to fly back with easyJet, who she currently works… Read Article →


Flight crew have a code name for dead passengers

AEROPLANES carry millions of travellers around the world every year, but they also ferry thousands of dead passengers too. Some customers might feel a little strange if they knew that there was a dead body sitting in the hold beneath them though. This is why airlines have a nickname for dead bodies, so that they can fly undetected — they’re called “Jim Wilson.” According to Sara Marsden, the Editor in… Read Article →


Flight attendant Daughter gives her surprise trip and It Totally Changed Their Relationship

We took a long haul flight and came back closer than ever. My mom is a flight attendant, so you’d probably assume that she jets around the globe, spending evenings sipping Côtes du Rhône in Paris and afternoons noshing on tapas in Madrid. In reality, she works for a regional airline and is mostly commuting across the Midwest portion of the continental U.S. Until last year she’d never been out… Read Article →

Come fly with me! Married couple share cockpit as British Airways pilots

A married couple who pilot British Airways flights together have described how sharing a cockpit helps their relationship. Hugo and Hannah Webb, who have two young children, say it is “great fun” to fly side by side. Hugo and Hannah Webb, who have two young children, say it is “great fun” to fly side by side. PA Speaking ahead of their latest joint flight, from London Heathrow to Milan on… Read Article →